THE BEST 10 Casinos in Biloxi, MS - Last Updated January ...

IYO what's the best casino in Biloxi MS?

Here for 1 more night. Went to the Baue last night and left even. I like slots and table games. What's your favorite place?
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For a Biloxi Batchelor Party, what is your idea of best hotel, casino, club, etc?

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Best Casino

Never been to Biloxi before, what is the best Casino in your opinion and why? I am staying at the Golden Nugget. Any advice? Also who has the best sportsbook?
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Hi. I'm back.
I originally didn't think I would be able to host this contest at all! I've been busy this summer and I was prepared to go back to college in the middle of August. Unfortunately, due to Mrs. Cabróna V. Irus, I won't actually be moving back in until August 27... which left me with plenty of free time to take back the reins and drive this contest home.
The one and only WhimsicalCalamari will continue to control of all of the back end stuff: writing up the Google Forms and keeping track of the championship points and all that. He's going above and beyond on that stuff and is using more attention to detail than I ever did for this contest.
While WhimsicalCalamari makes the show run smoothly on the back end, I'll be handling the front end of the contest for the final 7 rounds. Just like the olden days, I'll be posting all the threads, writing up "round reports," yelling at people who break the rules, and unfunnily describing the bizarre locations I've chosen for this year's contest.
Now that all the housekeeping is out of the way... let's get into the results from the last round!

Results from Round 3 in Daejeon

Round 3 brought the Street Circuit Contest to South Korea for the second time. This time, the designers were tasked with crafting a street circuit in Daejeon: South Korea's fifth largest city. This round was actually supposed to be in Daegu rather than Daejeon, but just like Ollie Kendal, I confused my Korean city names before I sent in the city list.
Anyway... the results!
We've got a third new winner in three rounds and for the first time, one designer has swept all three categories! RobertGine's Ocheon-Dong Street Circuit won both the Most Realistic and Best Presentation categories and tied for the win in Best Layout. This all added up to a MOOSIVE 51-point haul: the largest of the season.
In second is LunaticFTW, who bagged 24 points with their Yurim Park circuit and scored their first podium of the season.
Finishing off the podium is solkattu, who CRUELLY ROBBED RobertGine of a completely clean sweep by tying the Best Layout category. solkattu's haul of 23 points for the Formula 1 Samsung Korean GP has earned them their second podium in a row.
Rounding out the top 5 are MMuster07's Hakha-Dong Highway Circuit with 21 points, and two-time Street Circuit Contest champion lui5mb's Yongun-dong Circuit with 19 points.
In the championship, things are getting very very spicy. Maybe even spicier than the tteokbokki from a Daejeon street market...
RobertGine's 51-point haul from Daejeon has vaulted the designer from 4th to 1st in the space of one round. 94 points is a lot, but the rest of the contenders are in hot pursuit.
lui5mb knows what it takes to win a Street Circuit Contest championship, and a solid 5th place in Daejeon has kept those championship hopes alive. RobertGine may have overtaken lui5mb in the championship, but a margin of only 7 points is definitely surmountable.
Rounding out the top 3 in the championship is the winner of the first round, cake-pie. cake-pie was in the lead of the championship after Belfast, but a subpar Daejeon round (tied for 7th) has dropped them to 3rd... only 1 point behind lui5mb, though.
The full results and standings will be available on the Wiki shortly:
Full results from round 3 in Daejeon
Championship standings after round 3 in Daejeon

Rules recap

The rules are exactly the same as they were in the first 3 rounds when WhimsicalCalamari was running it.
For those who didn't catch Round 1, or who just want a reminder of your limitations in the SCC, here's the contest-wide rules:
Track rules
  1. The track must be a circuit of some kind, for a motorsport of some kind.
  2. The majority of the circuit has to be built from existing roads. Purpose-built sections may be built in parking lots/parks/etc, but the track must be mostly a street circuit.
  3. Stay within the city/territorial limits of the location assigned.
  4. Realism isn't a concern on my end. Want to take over an airport runway, tear through residential zoning, or drop a pit lane into the middle of a major freeway? Do it. However, realism is also a factor of your score (so don't get too reckless!).
  5. Tracks cannot be built over existing buildings.
Submission guidelines:
  1. Your entry must be a design that you haven't submitted before. No taking work that you posted at some other point and saying it's your entry, this has to be something new.
  2. Your entry must be posted as a comment in the Contest post. (If you want to refine your track after the fact and post it to the subreddit, that's fair game - just wait for the round in question to end before you do.)
  3. You must include an image of your track. Links to Google Earth or similar tools will not be counted.
  4. Unlike recent competitions, the fast turnaround time means that there is no grace period. If your track isn't in by the time voting starts, it's out. (But please submit it to the sub anyway because it's always nice for work to be seen!)

The Round 4 Reveal

We've gone from the United States to Northern Ireland to South Korea over the course of the contest so far and we're about to do even more traveling... even though the traveling is back to the United States.
Round 4 of the 10K Street Circuit Contest takes us to yet another shining metropolis: Meridian, Mississippi.
The state of Mississippi is ranked 50th in health care, 46th in education, 48th in economy, 45th in infrastructure, 44th in opportunity, and 44th in fiscal stability. I got an email from Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves that reads as follows:
Dear users of /RaceTrackDesigns and street circuit enthusiasts,
During my time as Governor of the great state of Mississippi, my staff and I have tried very hard to drive tourism into some of our great cities, but for some reason, all of our efforts have been futile. The casinos of Biloxi have not been attracting the elderly Atlantic City crowd, nobody knows how to spell Southaven, and the Stenhouses got really mad when we sent Ricky's fans to their family home in Olive Branch. We have tried basically nothing and we're all out of ideas. Nothing would make us happier than a bunch of amateur pseudo-artists designing us an FIA-grade street circuit for free in one of our great cities.
With regards,
Governor Tate "The Power of Prayer Will Solve the COVID-19 Pandemic" Reeves
Now Governor Reeves didn't actually give us a specific city to design a street circuit in, so if I was being nice I could give you the entire state of Mississippi as a blank canvas... but NAH. You'll get some wide open rounds later in the season, but for now, you are quarantined in the completely insignificant city of Meridian.
As usual, you have the entire city to work with. The rules regarding city limits are being relaxed a little for this round, though. As long as a part of your track is within the city limits, it will be allowed.
You're designing a street circuit in Meridian, Mississippi. You have until 11:59 PM EST on Thursday. ALLEZ DESÍGN!
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LAL Season 2 - Crystal Ball Fantasy Predictions

My fantasy predictions as follows:
Marcelino and Brittany - Knowing he is already almost broke, Marcelino takes the bill and mortgage money and in a desperate attempt to prove to everyone that he is indeed, the best poker player ever, takes it to Binions Golden Nugget and goes all in... and loses everything. Flash forward: Marcelino drives a FedEx route and has custody of all his kids because the state pressed charges against Brittany for assaulting him on tv. The series then flashes back to when Marcelino was telling that guy he was in love with/marrying a convict and the guy says “What’s she in for?” and Marcelino responds with “You mean, this time?”
Clint and Tracie- Alice, having major anxiety about Clint and his poor decision making abilities is rescued by Clint’s father. His patience with Clint finally used up, his dad and he get into a fistfight. Alice calls the police and Clint is arrested. Tearfully, he calls his mom from jail to admit he has a drug problem and a Tracie problem. He moves to another state to get help. Tracie, knowing Clint is in rehab, returns to the house and guts it for the copper wiring to support her habit. Blazer and the cat are re-homed. Tracie has one last giant drug blowout. It’s a cliffhanger though - death or jail?
Andrea and Lamar- Tennison takes control. Since it’s a tie between Cali and Utah, Tennison decides. Lamar and Andrea will pay rent for a house in Utah where Tennison will take care of Nyla and Priscilla since he does that anyway. Priscilla will go stay with Lamar in Cali on school holidays and over summer and he is welcome to come stay with the kids in Utah anytime he likes. Squee Bastard comes for a visit and decides Salt Lake City may well hold the creative keys to break Lamar’s rap career. They open the first recreational marijuana dispensary in Sundance! It is a hit! Andrea, arrested for assaulting Lamar (and the viewers senses) is kicked out of the Mormon church. She becomes “gay for the stay” and pays for prison closet sex.
Tony and Angela - The wedding takes place. But first, Tony dons his white suit, is taken down to the edge of the Mississippi river and is baptized in it by Angela’s preacher in an attempt to pray away his addictions to sex with prostitutes. The wedding is on the beach in Biloxi. Afterwards, the wedding party retires to a nearby casino (smoking allowed) and the all you can eat buffet commences. Tony backslides within hours, forcing Tommy to go home and get into his karate outfit for a throw down! Angela burns the white suit and returns to university to get her Ph.d. A new list for Tony is attached to the fridge and rules get added daily. Tony buys a fireproof pup tent for when he has to sleep in the yard.
Chon/Chane/Laceup - The epic fight is on! Chon swaggers in screaming “Daddy’s home” while flexing. Chane braces up but it is all over in minutes when Laceup’s dad removes pipes from the trampoline and knocks Chon right out. He invites Chane to come live with him and the kids while Laceup nurses Chon in her ample bosom. Chon goes right back to using but he and Laceup finance their love through online porn and HVAC repair. Chane, under supervision from dad, cleans up his act. He ends up marrying an ok country gal and invites the whole clan to come live in the holler with him.
5head/Cabbage Patch Kid/Haggis/Beyoncno- CPK was obulatin’ again and as it turns out, so were Haggis and Beyoncno!! 5head has 3 more “pretty gurls” scattered throughout the United States. It is not long before he is arrested on a human trafficking charge when a girl on an airplane slips the flight attendant a note to say 5head is abducting her. CPK finds a new man. Since he is hispanic, she drops the Blaccent (but not her hoops) and adopts Spanglish. Haggis loses her kids to the system and continues her low level Backpage business. Beyoncno continues to take 5heads collect calls from prison but her father takes custody of her child. She is beyond all hope. She is invited to be in the Love and Hip Hop Fort Worth franchise (its own train wreck) and in the ultimate twist, is seen paying for closet prison sex with 5head!! It is not long before Squee Bastard picks up her contract and she moves to Sundance to become Utah’s first leading lady of really bad rap.
Bonus: Cheryl really does marry a serial killer in an insane asylum. Their love story is filmed for ID Channels “Killer Couples.” Josh still lives with his mom at home but she signed off on his new wife. He is back in prison after trying to rob the falling down castle after a banquet.
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What is your wildest night at a Casino playing poker?

Mine was at Hollywood Casino in Tunica, Mississippi. December 2004.
I checked into the Grand Casino RV Park and caught a shuttle to the Hollywood Casino. I heard the poker room was the best. It was that night. I won about ??K over the course of the night.
I sat down at a 4/8 LH table with $200. I had gotten that up to $600 and drew pocket 77. Everyone was folding but a lady at the end of the table did a Max raise. I called. The flop was 778. Same lady, max bet. I called. Turn junk. Same lady max bet. I max raised her and she called. River A. She max bet and I max raised her and she raised back. We were both all in. She turned over pocket 8's. I showed and the dealer pushed the stack over to me.
She started yelling and told the dealer to hold on until she could absorb it. Then she started calling me a cheater and the dealer a cheater and started yelling and pushing chairs around and standing up shaking her fists. The pit boss called security and they escorted her out of the poker room. I was shaking. The dealer was shaking. The boss halted play until they could look at the video. After 30 minutes the Boss pushed the stack to my spot and told me "Good Hand!" My $200 was now $1600.
I took a break to smoke and started playing a $5 Three Hand Jacks or Better slot machine right out side the card room. Second play I lined up 4 aces with a two on the bottom row. Hold all, hit deal and won 6K. 2K each line.
Went back in and sat in on a 10/20 NL with a $1000 buy-in. I hit everything I played for 11 hands. Then I coasted when it cooled off. There was one player with a bigger stack than me and I tangled with him a couple times until he shook his finger at me and said "I am staying away from you." He was a gruff looking player with a thick Brooklyn accent. Very aggressive. Several hands later a player complained openly about his play. He said OK and asked the boss to come to the table. He told the boss to move that player to another table because the player didn't like his play. The other player was moved.
We took a break and the Brooklyn player stepped out for a smoke. A SWAT team of some kind took the guy down and put him in handcuffs and took him away. A guy in a suit came up to the table and put the guy's belongings in a bag and took them away. I never found out why. My winnings were now over 10K Cash and a 6K coupon.
The table broke up and I stepped out to smoke at my favorite slot machine. I was loaded the bets up and I hit a 9 high straight club flush on the bottom row. Press Hold all, press deal, 8K per row. 24K over all. I put the coupon in my pocket.
I went back to the card room and sat down at a 100/200 NLH and did real well but noticed I was faltering. I was drinking and I think I reached my limit. :) I noticed it was 2 AM so I cashed out my coupons at the Cashier and pocketed close to 50K. This had never happened before. I had some good nights at casinos in general but this was my best night ever.
I went to the front of the casino and found out my shuttle back to the RV park was gone and did not run the rest of the night. I asked a Concierge about getting a ride back to the Park and he said he couldn't help me there.
So, there I was with all that cash in my pocket. I was standing in the atrium and the room started spinning. I started noticing people hiding behind the columns out front. I saw people crouching behind the bushes and I remembered that woman from the earlier table and I freaked out.
I ran to the hotel desk and asked if they had a room and told them what was going on....I gave them my players card and they comped me a suite and had security escort me up to it.
I put my winnings in the room safe and passed out on the bed. I woke up to the front desk calling my room to ask if I wanted to stay another night because it was check out time and an RV shuttle was down stairs.
I grabbed my money from the safe and checked out. I took a shower when I got back to the RV and started it up and headed to Biloxi, Mississippi. I heard there was a great tournament there that weekend. :)
I spread some of my winnings out to close friends for Christmas then I coasted on the rest until I caught a Software gig in the PNW about May 2005.
I haven't topped that yet and I'm now 67.
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Friend's Nmom

Today I've been thinking a lot about not only my parental trauma, but the abuse I suffered at the hands of my childhood "best friend" and her mother. I kinda just feel like getting this off my chest...
So this girl and I met when we were about three years old. Our moms worked in the same place, and as soon as we were old enough, about five, we started to hang out on a regular basis. I didn't realize her mother was insane until I was nuch older, but the extent of neglect both myself and her daughter experienced haunts me to this day. Her mother was/is a hoarder, of both objects and cats. I remember visiting her house and it was packed in all corners with things. Usually it was house decor that her mother swore she'd put up some day, only to return it to the store a week later and claim she lost the reciept in order to get store credit/a refund. This was on top of uncleaned cat waste and fur. They also had an old chihuahua who scratched herself raw with fleas and anxiety. This woman literally only fed that dog mcdonald's burgers and fries, and to them it was completely normal. Whenever I stayed the night, I couldn't leave my friend's bedroom, and going four feet to the bathroom was always a struggle. If we opened the door to go across the hall she'd yell at us from the living room. What's more, her hoarding meant that random stuff was always in the way, so closing the bathroom door was often impossible. Oh, and god forbid I attempted to go into the kitchen for some food. She'd hear us no matter how quiet we were, and order us to go back to the room. She always said she'd make us something, but of course she never did. Usually it was me asking for food, and I never understood why my friend "wasn't hungry." I know now that it was because she was used to eating maybe once or twice a day. This woman would almost exclusively eat out, and when she didn't have the money to (which was most times), she'd do two things: (a) Buy a gift card and then use it at the restaurant, or (b) Pretend that she'd "lost" a coupon/gift card her husband gave her, and get a free meal. She'd do this for things like getting into water parks, movie theaters, hotel pools, and so on. When I'd stay at her house, she'd chain smoke for hours in the garage, or drink on the couch and watch trashy tv. We weren't allowed to go into the garage or living room for this reason. This woman schemed with her daughter to humiliate me, too. I remember vividly one time when I was seven. We were in the lazy river at a hotel, and they thought it would be funny to untie my bathing suit top and then hide. My top had been partially off for probably some time before I realized that I couldn't find them. I remember turning around and seeing them come out from behind a palm tree, laughing hysterically. I was confused until I noticed the state of things. So there I was, seven years old, struggling in the water because I couldn't have been over four feet, and being publicly laughed at my my best friend and her psycho mother.
You might think that's the end of it, but oh no. On my 13th birthday weekend they took me to the Biloxi Beau Rivage. I thought we were gonna have a good time. Yeah, no. Her dad drove us, and for reference, he'd always been the more level headed of the two. This comes in handy later. So we get there pretty late at night, and I don't remember getting to the room and falling asleep. The next day her mother leaves us with no room key to wander the hotel. She then goes down to the casino for what I thought was going to be a reasonable amount of time. Well, her mother ended up disappearing to gamble and get drunk from probably 10-11 am to 4 pm that day. My friend and I were having fun the first few hours. We met some random boys our age and walked the halls with them for a while, and then went to do our own thing. Now, there's literally nothing for two unsupervised 13 year olds to do, right? We walked the lobby, rode the elevator a nauseating amount of times, talked to strangers, and even got trapped at the top floor stairwell. In February. With shorts on. Why we weren't dressed for the weather was beyond me. Going down 32 flights of stairs freezing my ass off in flip flops is something I never want to do again. Mind you, this girl's parents hadn't fed us more than McDonald's since 6 pm the previous night. By the time noon rolled around we'd done all that and still hadn't eaten. I was so desperate that I was about to start asking strangers for money. Her dad, who'd apparently been trying to drag her mother out of the casino for hours, finally appeared. He was generous enough to buy me a muffin and a soda for me and my friend to share. That night her mother was so drunk that I heard her sobbing in the bath, followed by me waking up again to her and her husband arguing at 2 am. I got hissed at to go back to sleep despite my best efforts to look like I wasn't awake. The next day her mother did the same thing, and we ended up leaving to drive back home after this woman had jumped out of the car, sat on a bench, drunk-argued with her husband, and was finally coerced back into the vehicle.
Another thing that happened, happened pretty early on. My friend and I had to have been four or five. We were left unsupervised in her mother's bedroom, and we decided to get into the makeup. Arguably we did get lipstick on the entire bathroom and ourselves, but it's not like we had the brain capacity to do differently. We were kids, for crying out loud. Well, her mother finds us and FLIPS out. I was ordered to go into the living room and wait to be punished. It was terrifying to the core for little me to hear my friend being beaten just down the hall. I knew I was in for it when her mother came for me, next. I'm sure you can guess where this is going. I don't actually remember being beaten, but I do remember shaking on the couch afterwards; my head buried into one of the cushions as I tried to keep my sobs quiet. I didn't even tell my parents until 14 years later, just this past year. My mother was understandably furious, but at the time, I thought it was normal.
Another scenario was super odd, and I still don't remember exactly what we were doing. I was four or five, and her mom had taken us to a random man's apartment. Apparently he was super rich, and her mother and another adult woman were putting his things into trash bags. I remember thinking, what am I doing here? My friend and I found a briefcase of what I now assume to be drugs, and were looking through it when her mother noticed and had the briefcase taken away. The next thing I remember was walking through a parking lot at night, tired and carrying a heavy trash bag.
She and her mom would often show up at my house unannounced and make me go hang out. This had been going on for my whole life, so I didn't actually realize I could say no. If they came to the door and told me "we're going to xyz" I would just go, no matter what other plans I had. Later on, they'd sneak through the back gate into my backyard, and then scare me by peeking through the windows or knocking on the back door while I was sitting at the computer. Another time, I let them come in when my parents weren't home, and this woman went to my parents bedroom to rifle through their things. She then emerged wearing a personal item that belonged to my parents, and paraded around the house with it as if it were a joke. I also remember her being super weird in general. Like, she'd drive me and her daughter around all night and stop at either a wal mart or target to search theough the parking lot for either abandoned jewelry, or reciepts that the intended to return for store credit. Seriouslty. At 11 pm, as my parents are furiously calling ME (she didn't have a cell phone) and demanding I come back home.
One of the more gross times was when I asked to stay the night. They both said that they had a flea problem because of the cats, and I thought "how bad could it be? a few fleas aren't a problem." I end up getting there and I kid you not, my friend had a gag DEAD FLEA BOWL in her room. Like, a half way full bowl of fleas that she'd individually killed and put in there. And there were STILL like thousands more. The bed wasn't safe, the floor was disgusting, and I immediately asked to go home. Needless to say I got a verbal beating, but thankfully my mother came through and picked me up that night. This lady also had a terrible cat hoarding habit, to the point where cats were actively breeding with their siblings, and occasionally eating each other in the house. They'd like, wake up and find dead cats in the house. It was awful, but I'm grateful I never had to witness it. I also remember her mother making me stay awake during a night I slept over by blasting gross youtube videos and keeping the lights on, while I pretty much cowered and begged for them to let me go to sleep.
This woman also probably kidnapped me once. So my friend texts me around 5 pm one night. She says that her parents are taking us somewhere special. My parents were not aware that this would be anything more than like, a trip to the movies, or the local outlets. So her dad picks me up and drives me to his house, where my friend and her mom are loading the car. I was confused as to what was happening, but I go along with it. By the time we're on the road it's dark, and we're on out way to drop her dad off somewhere. I didn't know it at the time but we dropped him off at a greyhound racing center to play poker (??). My friend's mom then continues driving. At this point I'm tired and anxious, but both of them literally will not tell me where we're going. Hours pass and we get to a city 65 miles away from home. It's 2 am. She told me we'd be doing all this fun stuff, but all we ended up doing was getting burger king and driving the 2 hours back home. Towards the end my dad calls and is berating me for being out so late. He was furious, not only at me, but at this crazy woman who basically kidnapped me and drove me around a random city all night.
I also remember her mother telling me a detailed account of the time her own father tried to end his life, and how she saved him by pouring scalding coffee down his throat. I had no idea whyy she was telling me this, as I was only 13 and it was wildly uncalled for.
By the time her daughter and I got into high school, it was apparent that not only was she crazy, but my best friend/her daughter was too. She turned former friends against me, completely ignored me when I tried to talk to her, made fun of me and other people in the friend group relentlessly, and got other people to be her friend in order to make me feel bad for having friends other than her. She publicly embarassed me about things I could not change. My teeth, the way my body looked (called me fat on my 16th birthday)-- even the way I drank water. She deprived me of learning how real friendships should have been. She and her mother formed a team against me, and it was like they lived to make me feel inferior. I wish I hadn't been manipulated into keeping these horrible experiences from my parents. I wish they'd never gained access to me; a vulnerable three year old. It makes me sick to think that this woman targeted me before I was old enough for f-ing preschool, and decided to make the next 13 years of my life a nightmare any chance she could get...
If you've made it this far, thank you for reading. Some memories I haven't even told my parents. Others are buried in my subconscious. Some days I pray for my friend. I watched her grow into a toxic young woman right in front of me, and it pains me deeper than the abuse ever could. If she could read this I'd tell her that I'm so sorry for what happened. She endured so much more than I know, and quite frankly, never had a chance given that her family was beoken from the beginning. I pray that even though we haven't spoken in years, I hope we both heal from the terrible neglect and verbal abuse suffered at the hands of her mother.
That is all...
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Trials of Adam ch1, 2

Trials of Adam ch1, 2

Welcome to my novel, inspired by Barry Pepper's role in Crawl (2019)

Chapter 1: Envy, Wrath
Nobody ever imagines themselves as a victim. I certainly didn't. I admit I was kind of a cocky little shit so maybe I deserved to be here: half-naked in a swamp with a bullet in my chest. I think there was also a bullet in my head, either that or I cracked my skull on something while in the process of crawling out of my makeshift grave. "I am Army Master Sergeant Adam Severgine," I said out loud to no one. I needed to remain conscious, I needed to survive.
This was no different from a deployment. Except instead of fighting for my country, for the chance to prove myself, I was fighting to dig myself out of a shithole of my own creation. "I am Adam Severgine, husband, father...addict." Tears filled my eyes. My wife and daughter were miles away in Biloxi, Mississippi.
I had no fear of death and dying but eventually, they would find out how badly I fucked up. I lost thousands of dollars in gambling, booze, heroin, meth. I should have just gotten out when I had the chance.
Instead, I turned tricks, ran drugs; I became a bitch to avoid becoming a bitch. The idea made me laugh. "Ow..." Fuck, I'm going to die.
"No, you're not." The male voice sounded calm, serene. "Do you even know where you are?"
‘I know I'm imagining you, whatever the fuck you are.’
"Because the mighty Master Sergeant Adam could never be communicating with an angel," the voice said with a laugh. The grass in front of me started to blow in the wind.
\swish* *crunch* *swish* *crunch**
The blades of grass seemed to grow taller, their shadows forming the shape of a man with long wavy hair.
"Is that what you are?" I asked with a chuckle. A sharp pain struck my side; I definitely had broken ribs.
As the angel came closer, he seemed to materialize into a mortal form; olive skin, green eyes, and hair that seemed to be streaked with red, blue, purple and gold. "What do you think I am?"
"You kind of look like the Lord, Jesus Christ," I said, my voice starting to slur into a southern accent as I felt my mind drifting away.
The angel laughed as he ran his fingers through his rainbow hair. "I'll take that as a compliment." He then reached over his shoulder and pulled on a golden cloak out of thin air. "Are you ready to go?"
"Go where?"
The angel shrugged. "Does it matter?"
"I guess not." Any place had to be better than dying alone in the swamp.
The angel reached out his hand. "You can call me Leo."
I took his hand, as I did, a series of letters flashed before my eyes; 'E-N-V-Y.' The letters were in thick black font as if someone was throwing them at my face. But why 'envy'?
I jolt awake, in full uniform, outside of a commander's office. I had been here before but where was I?
"Come in," said a female voice.
I knew who it was; Lt General Allyssa Blake. I was back at my station in Alaska. Still afraid of how the hell I managed to travel back in time I took a breath and entered the office giving the appropriate salute.
The much younger woman had blonde hair, light blue eyes, and lips that made me dream of what she looked like out of uniform. "At ease," she said with her soft breathy voice. She returned the salute and motioned for me to take a seat.
Allyssa never sounded like an officer. She gave off ASMR, that tingly feeling down your spine. She was pageant-queen beautiful, brilliant, but more than anything she was kind. Her wonderful heart was the only thing keeping me from bending her over the desk and fucking her brains out.
Sat down, focusing my eyes on the floor. I at least knew what this meeting was about. "Thank you for meeting with me Ma'am."
"Of course, Sergeant. Do you still want the transfer?"
Was this a memory or a test? "The transfer to Mississippi?"
"Yes, unless there was another position you were interested in pursuing."
"Sorry, I'm just a little one edge as of late. I apologize for the nature of my request I-" My daughter was sick, my wife was cheating on me because she was 'lonely.' I needed to be home, to reclaim my family.
"Hey," she stood up and took my hand. "I love you, Adam. You're a good guy. You're going to go home and you're going to fix this. I already have a replacement lined up."
"You do?" This part was new. I never stuck around to learn who she put in my position.
"Lawrence will take over."
"Lawrence Heath?" Lawrence Heath was an Air Force liaison officer. He had more training and education then I did so from a technical standpoint he was a good choice. But he was also Alyssa's ex who transferred to Japan after she miscarried their son.
"He wants to marry me," her voice was so angelic, calm.
Time stood still. I can feel a sharp pain in my chest. "Leo? Please tell me this is a dream."
Leo placed his hand upon my shoulder. "What do you remember about Lawrence?"
"H-He never actually hurt her."
"Alyssa miscarried in the middle of the office. You drove her to the hospital. You held her hand while she cried. Where was he?"
"He was at work. He came to her as soon as he could. I loved her like a sister, and I know it broke her when he left. But she loved him." I reached my hand to touch Alyssa's frozen cheek. "I hope they found happiness."
"Impressive," Leo said, starting a slow clap. I turned to see my guardian angel sitting on an office chair, his rainbow hair flowing about his face. "I wonder how someone so noble ended up in a place like this."
"What?" With a jolt, I was back in the swamp. My chest felt like it was being crushed and my head was throbbing. In my hands, I felt an unbearable burning sensation. But I knew perfectly well why that was. Shooting up heroin between your broken fingers tends to fuck shit up. I forced myself to scoot backward until I felt myself leaning against a massive tree. The rough bark cut into the skin of my back and neck, but I was still grateful for the opportunity to rest.
Lighting cracked the sky, forming a distinct series of patterns, 'W-R-A-T-H'- Wrath? I couldn't help but smirk. I mean, I had plenty to be angry about. So, I was actually curious as to where the angel was going to take me next. "I'm ready."
I closed my eyes and took a deep, calming, breath.
I could hear the sound of a plane landing. My skin was no longer in pain, but my heart as beating a mile a minute as I stood in the cool airconditioned TSA waiting room. I knew where this was. When I opened my eyes, I was meeting my daughter. My wife and I had tried for years to conceive but it was never meant to be. At the age of thirty, we started the process to adopt from China. After years of waiting, we stood hand in hand at the immigration office of Jackson, Mississippi. China had been our last hope. For whatever reason, we were unable to even get on a waiting list for a European or North American baby. That was another reason I was nervous. The little girl was already six months old. What if she took one look at me and decided, 'Nope, I'm not going to be able to love these military-redneck white folks?' I was scared. Fate had a reason for never blessing us with a biological child.
As the adoption rep put the baby in my arms, I felt only the light of God's love. "Hello, Cece."
My wife scoffed, "I thought we agreed on a name- Annabelle-Rylie?"
"Felicity June Severgine," that's her name, my daughter's name.
The next few moments flew by in a blur, but a painful number of them were of me abandoning my family. As the years passed, I saw myself in uniform leaving for deployment; moments when I truly believed that I might not come back alive. Other times I was just in sweatpants and a t-shirt as I kissed my family goodbye. Before my eyes, Cece transformed from a toddler to a teen. I suddenly felt a wave of nausea. The last time I saw Cece she was no longer the beautiful girl I remembered.
I closed my eyes and fell to my knees. "Oh, God..." I knew what I was going to see; my angel my reason for living, in a medically induced coma.
"She never told you what really happened," said Leo's disembodied voice.
I stood up to see the angel standing over Cece's bed. "My wife told me it was pneumonia." I'd never made it to my daughter's side to see for myself.
"Marni told you that, knowing it would take you at least a month to get home. The wounds healed by then. And what didn't heal could be explained away. Ironically, after a seizure, she did develop a sepsis infection in her lung that mimicked pneumonia." Leo made his way to Cece's side and held her hand. "But you didn't see what she looked like the day of the phone call." Leo kissed Cece's forehead. "I'm so sorry little one, this will only last a moment."
I had a feeling I was not supposed to hear that last part.
Cece had a breathing tube but as time regressed it vanished, replaced with the monstrous number of wounds. She cried, then screamed. Her face covered in bruises, cuts, and clearly broken bones. Her clothing transformed into a short blue dress; one I had never seen before.
Time stood still as my government issue phone rang. I hit my thigh only to feel no pockets. The phone was in the palm of my hand. "Hello?"
"Hi, Daddy."
I remember this conversation. She said she came home from a dance. Homecoming, Prom?
"I went to a party," Cece's said, her voice cracking with sadness. "It was great."
Leo poked my arm. "Hey, it's your line."
With trembling hands, I moved the phone to my mouth to speak. "That's great, baby."
"Should go," she said as her breathing became labored. It was clear she was trying not to cry. "I-I love you, Daddy."
Marni came in the room just as Cece hung up. "Hi, sweetie, do you feel up to talking to the police officers? They need to get your statement and do a rape kit."
"Yes, Mom," Cece glanced at the phone, giving it a squeeze. "I'll be ok. I just wish Dad was here."
I got to see the rest of the scene. According to her statement, she had been raped, beaten and left for dead. That was how she escaped. When her date (and his three friends) thought she was dead, they locked her in the trunk.
She remembered what her father had told her about how to escape a trunk and managed to not only kick out the tail light but also get the trunk open while the piece-of-shit car was going forty down a backroad. Battered and bloody she ran for her life until she found her way to the main street.
Leo placed his hand upon my shoulder. "What would you have done if you knew the truth?
"I would have fucking killed the bastards."
"Really?" Leo waved his hand, to focus back on the scene.
Marni took a seat, holding Cece's hand. "What did you tell your Dad?"
"Nothing. I didn't want him to be disappointed in me," she said, burying her face in her pillow.
"I could ever be disappointed with you," I said out loud. I knew she couldn't hear me, that hurt more than anything. But not more than the feeling of my leg getting blown off.
A sharp pain shot through my leg. Suddenly I was back in terrorist occupied Iraq, riding in a supply convoy. A larger truck ran us off the road, into an IED. At least that's what I was told.
The vehicle I was in exploded, and I was pinned under the rubble. Somehow my leg was extracted from the mess and sent along with the rest of my broken body to Landstuhl, Germany where I spent the next few weeks waking up.
At the time, my home station was in Colorado Springs, Colorado. That was where my wife was living with a then eleven-year-old Cece. I remember I’d asked that I be transferred back to my family; if I was going to die, I wanted to die at home. My superiors, the US military; they owed me that much.
My next memory was of Cece staying by my side. I'd suffered burns over twenty-five percent of my body, there were bone shards in my hips and my leg had been put back together with pins and rods. It was a unique sensation, to be a living mass of pain. The local medical team determined that I would never walk again. So, the goal was to make me comfortable.
I was allowed at-home hospice care. This meant that I was placed under the attention of a nurse for administering therapy, and medications, but during the majority of the week my wife was tasked with wound care. At least she was supposed to be. My wife never touched me. To do so would have meant to show some level of compassion.
I remember Cece asked the nurse to teach her how to change the dressing on my leg. I have to assume the nurse thought she was curious and adorably sweet. Because otherwise, it was not the safest practice.
I closed my eyes. When I awoke, I was back in that wonderful moment. "Cece?"
"Hi, Daddy," my little daughter said in a calm whisper as she donned oversized medical gloves.
“Hi, Sweetheart,” I replied in a horse whisper.
“If I hurt you, I’m really sorry.” She changed out the gauze, using a bottle of peroxide to wash the open wounds.
I flinched but tried my best to stay quiet.
"Mom said that I needed to say goodbye," Cece explained as she worked with a gentle touch. "She told me the only reason you came home is because you're too sick to go back. I don't believe her." She finished in silence before getting a clean blanket from the closet. "You're going to walk again." She cuddled by my side, resting her head on my shoulder. "Superheroes don't die."
My heart filled with a sense of faith that I didn't know was possible.
She spent her summer by my side; changing my bandages, helping with physical therapy. I was also working with a therapy nurse who was impressed by my level of strength.
For Cece's twelfth birthday she had a party at the on-base movie theatre. I paid the bills but Marni took on the responsibility of making the day special for our daughter. Cece invited her entire class, she looked so genuinely happy.
I arrived in my wheelchair. As the movie played, it was 'Step Up', some kind of dance movie from the golden age of hip-hop music. The movie was played on the projector as background noise, as the kids ate pizza and talked.
I waited in the back until she noticed me.
"Dad!" She broke off a conversation with several friends to run over to me. "Oh my god! Did you just get here? How was your therapy appointment?"
From my wheelchair, I reached to the cane at my side and I stood up.
Cece cupped her hands over her mouth as tears welled in her eyes.
I took my first (pain-stricken) steps since the accident that should have taken my life. I stood tall, strong, as Cece threw her arms around me.
"I love you, Daddy. You're my hero." she paused to wipe tears from her eyes. "But does this mean you're leaving again?"
I was. I could have taken medical retirement, stayed with my family. But I needed the money. I needed to pay off a mortgage, send my daughter to a good college: I wanted to make my family proud.
So, I took a position in Alaska as a squadron lead. That’s when the addictions started. painkillers lead to heroin. loneliness lead to gambling and prostitution. all because I left behind the one person who truly cared.
The world went dark. I was sitting alone in an empty theatre as Leo appeared on the screen. "Hi, Adam. Wow, this is certainly an interesting view."
"Yeah," I replied in a weak voice.
"Well, I have to ask, what would you have done if you knew the truth about your daughter's assault?"
All I could do was laugh. The situation was clear now: I was dead and this was Hell. "You really want to know?"
Leo shook his head. "Look, I'm not a sadist, I just have a job to do. I was human once, just like you. And no, you're not in hell."
“Forgive me if I don’t believe you.”
The man laughed as he turned towards the theatre and with one swift motion, seemed to jump from the screen. He walked towards me, with the fabric of the curtain attached to his back like wings. "So, what would you have done? Her attackers were never prosecuted. If you had a moment with those boys in a soundproof room with just your revolver, what would you do?"
I thought for a moment. I had no one to blame but myself. "I would eat my gun." Was Cece dead? I needed to know. If she was gone, I truly wanted to die.
Leo approached me, placing a hand upon my shoulder. "Much better, on to the next test."
I gripped his arm. "Why should I trust you?"
Leo rolled his eyes. "Maybe because I'm the one with the magic powers."
"You're my driver," I said in a tone that came off ruder than intended. "But what would happen if I said I'd rather walk to my final destination."
Leo chuckled and shrugged. "Hell, if I know. Maybe someone will find your body. Maybe you'll reunite with Cece in heaven. Or maybe she'll survive and grow up believing that her hero abandoned her. What do you want from me?"
"You said you were human once- I want to know something about you."
Leo cupped his hand to my face, tracing a finger along my jawline. He appeared to be studying my features, which gave me an opportunity to study his. "What do you see when you look at me?"
"You have green eyes," I said in a whisper. His eyes were hypnotic, his breath; warm, comforting, human.
"I know what it feels like to love someone until it hurts." Leo leaned in and kissed my lips, breathing a long constant stream of air that seemed to crackle with electricity.
Chapter 2: Lust, Greed
'All you need is love? Love? Love is all you need?' The voices hummed in my ear. They weren't singing, they were asking. I know where I am and I don't want to open my eyes.
"How does that feel?" asked a voice that was not Leo. It was Dr. Ethan Rogers, my physical therapist. He was a younger man; late twenties, early thirties, with blond hair and blue eyes- the most all-American soldier you could ever hope to meet. And he was massaging my naked thigh with a vibrator.
I know I'm hard, and I know what he's about to do next.
"I'm going to put this inside you," he said in a most professional tone of voice.
I could have attacked him, punched him in the face, or at the very least or at least said no. But it felt so good. I knew my scar tissue was prominent. It was a disgusting crater that ran along the entirety of my leg. I stayed in shape; my body was lean, muscular but that seemed all for show. I needed to look the part of a soldier, maybe if I was lucky, I would be able to pass my physical. My legs were for running, training. My cock was for pissing. My ass was for shitting. It had been months since I allowed myself to feel sexual pleasure.
"Just relax, let yourself go."
Damn it feels incredible. My eyes open on their own, staring straight into the blinding room light. The bulb is blinking forcing me to blink. Letters form in the shape of the light. 'L-U-S-T.' Yeah, I guess so. But it wasn't a lust for sex.
I feel him inject my leg; my broken, mangled leg. My leg that existed for the sole purpose of causing me unbearable pain, akin to the fires of hell. In a matter of moments, all of that was but a memory. He told me he was giving me morphine but I knew it had to be something stronger. That shit fucked with my head. Like a cool wave of tranquility; life death and every emotion in-between.
"I can get you a prescription for morphine, maybe even fentanyl.” His voice is calm, cool, like an ice tea on a hot day. “All you have to do is submit to me."
All I could do was laugh. "Sure, sounds great." My speech was slurred. This man was the devil and I willingly jumped headfirst down the rabbit hole into Hell.
I was physically fit. Dr. Ethan Rogers knew he could rent me out to anyone who had a fetish for dominating. Over the next year and a half, I lived as a sex-slave. I was bound, gagged. I sucked cock and even let men fuck me in my on-base housing. I was a human party favor, but I was always well compensated.
I took their pills, so many pills, all the colors of the rainbow. Most of the time, I never knew what any of it was, only that it was my prize. And when given vials of heroin, meth and God knows what else, I shot up in my arms, legs, but mainly my hands just because no one at my actual job seemed to notice my hands.
It was a perfect system. By day I was a soldier; a flawless, reliable worker who could be counted on for any job. I was a great husband and father who was working tirelessly to make sure his family would be taken care of. I worked myself to the bone, playing through the pain. But at night I was free.
Until the day my heart stopped.
I awoke in Alysa Blake's room, on her sofa. "Wow, you fucked up." The general looked like her actual youthful age. Her long blonde hair was pulled into a messy bun.
"Aly?" I tried to speak but immediately had to vomit.
General Blake had a bucket waiting by the side of my head. "You're going to stay here for a while." She placed a cold washcloth to my neck focusing on my artery. "This is going to help with the pain in your chest."
I shook my head. "But, what about my leg?"
"You're not the only one living with chronic pain." Alyssa took my hand a placed it on her hip, just below her abs. There was a massive scar. I knew the story; she had been shot in the hip; the bone and surrounding tissue had to be rebuilt. This was likely the reason for her later miscarriage. "I'm not giving you anything for your leg. You're probably going to have another seizure from all the drugs you already took."
I tried to move, to sit up- anything. But the pain seemed to course through my body. I wanted to cry or scream, but no sound was coming from my parched throat.
I gripped my head as a massive migraine pounded my vision. In the midst of my agony, I didn't even notice Alyssa leave and return with a blanket until the moment she cuddled by my side. "I'm going to stay with you."
I nodded, with a noticeable lump in my throat.
"Talk to me about Cece." Alyssa put her arms around me as she rested her head on my chest. “What is she like?”
I knew what this was. This moment, it was the opposite of lust. Nothing was worth more than my family, my daughter "She's a dancer."
"A dancer?"
"I think my wife has her in gymnastics and cheerleading but she..." I swallowed hard thinking about the last time we talked. Cece asked if she could send me a link to a video of her ballet recital. She loved ballet, she wanted to be a choreographer. She sent the link but my Alaska internet was too weak to see it without an extensive amount of buffering. And the camera had been placed so far back I could barely make out her face. I told her as much, but that I would love to see her dance someday.
"Have you seen any of her performances?"
I nodded. "C-Can I have some water?"
"Sure." Alyssa turned away, attempting to sit up.
Try as a might, my arms wouldn't let her go. "I feel sick. But, more than anything, don't want to cry in front of my commanding officer."
Alyssa glared at me with a look of seriousness. "I found you in your room bleeding from your ass. I performed CPR until you were lucid enough to walk with your arm around my shoulder." She only lived a few houses down and often visited.
I couldn't remember making the walk to her house but it wouldn't be the first time. I had the habit of dialing her number when I was too high to think straight. "My apologies Ma'am."
She reached for my hand, stroking between my fingers. "If I was here as your commanding officer you would be in a hospital awaiting a medical discharge." Her fingers paused on an open sore where I injected regularly. "I'm here as your friend, because what you need right now is a friend."
I knew she wasn't wrong. "Thank you."
"So, tell me about the time you saw your little girl dance."
My hands were trembling as my eyes filled with tears. "She sent me a USB."
"She sent you a file on a flash drive? Wow, that's really sweet."
"Cece had somehow used her phone to record a solo piece in her backyard. I didn't recognize the song, something Gaelic sounding about finding your wings to touch the sky." With the warm memory in my heart, my body relaxed.
"That sounds like the theme from the movie Brave," Alyssa said as she sat up. "Wow, that brings back memories. Anyway, I'm going to get you some water now."
Brave? Of course, it was.
Alyssa returned with a bottled water and a straw. "Take small sips." Once it appeared like I was not going to vomit again she took her place back on my chest, holding me close. "You need to go home."
"I know." I stroked her hair as I looked up at her stucco ceiling.
"You need to research a position at a base closer to your family,” she said as she kissed my cheek. “And I will sign off on it."
"Thank you." Now I just wish she talked me out of driving down to the states. Maybe I wouldn't have fucked up as badly as I did.
A lonely drive, six hours on the road, maybe eight. Behind the wheel of a rented SUV carrying all my worldly possessions, I thought I could keep focus, I thought I-
And here comes the crash.
I opened my eyes, but all I see is darkness. "Leo, are you there?"
I could feel someone grab my hand, pulling me from the vehicle. It wasn't Leo, but rather a younger male, possibly a teen.
"Wow, Leo was right, you are fucked up." The kid pulled me out of the vehicle, seemingly indifferent to my level of pain. "You should grab your wallet and suitcase. We have a bit of a walk into town.”
I did as he asked. I could recall what happened at this moment in time. While it did not include a Native American surfer-boy, I knew where we were headed.
"How long did you manage to stay clean for?" the smug teen asked.
I turned to him with a look of contempt. He stood maybe 5'9", and although he had an attractive face and youthful demeanor, I would have no problem punching his lights out.
"Really, old man?" The boy laughed.
"Master Sergeant Adam Severgine," I said with a groan.
"I know," he said, happily, skipping down the road. "I'm Jamie. Welcome to Oklahoma."
"How old are you? And where's Leo?"
"Leo will meet us in town. And as for me-" Jamie did a backflip landing in front of my face, close enough to kiss my lips. "I'm legal."
"Are you a guardian angel too?"
"Are you asking if I have powers?"
"I am," I replied through gritted teeth. I could remember how long the original walk took me. By the time I got to town, my leg was killing me.
"That's not why you got high off your ass."
"Oh, fuck you!"
"You got clean just long enough to pass a physical, for the job transfer. And then you started using again like the fucked-up junkie that you are!" Jamie continued doing flips and cartwheels down the empty road.
I focused on my own path looking down at my boots as I walked. My leg was mostly healed, to the point where I could walk unassisted, I could even drive. But I still felt an ache, a chronic pain that would never go away no matter what drugs I took.
Jamie appeared in front of me, lifting my face to look into his eyes. "I'm bored and I miss my boyfriend so I'm going to do you a favor." He punched me in the face with all the force of a fighter jet.
I awoke on the floor of a casino. And I do mean floor: My eyes opened to reveal the sight of paramedics working frantically. They had apparently just finished restarting my heart.
When I looked straight ahead, sitting at a slot machine was Jamie. The little punk was doubled over in laughter.
Leo stepped out of the shadows. He raised a finger giving the 'give me a second' sign. He embraced Jamie, speaking to him in a quiet tone. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but at least Leo was calming him down. When Jamie finally stopped laughing, the couple walked to the elevators.
A tall older man, in a suit, came over to check on the scene. He was the hotel manager and a former Marine. We talked for a while, with me telling him my situation. He kindly offered to give me a room for the night, free of charge. It was the least he could do for a fellow soldier.
Yes, it was only for one night. I could contact the rental agency and they could send a new car to my location. But until then he offered to buy me dinner and give me a tour of the hotel and casino.
Everything was going great. After hanging out with my new friend I took a seat at one of the many the table poker tables.
I was by no means an expert but I preferred tables, to computer-generated games of chance. That was when I met Lola. She looked like a typical cocktail waitress, just a few years away from retirement. She was possibly old enough to be my mother (either that or she had just spent too much time in the sun,) but she was undeniably beautiful. She made sure to flirt, playing with her long blonde hair as she brought me free drinks.
"Drink up," she said, before taking a shot. She cupped my face, forcing the shot of whiskey down my throat. "It's on me, love." Next thing I knew she was on my lap. I was winning hand after hand; she was truly my good luck charm. When I was too drunk to walk, she offered to escort me to my room.
I remember collapsing on to the bed. I could feel her hands, her long nails, then her mouth. When I was ready, she started to ride me. Talking dirty in a way that my wife never did, I gave her full control. she got on her knees and wanted me to fuck her from behind. I did, and what was when a man barged in with a master key. It was the manager.
My memory is blacking in and out but I remember him getting on the bed. He and Lola are laughing. They offer me cocaine.
The next morning, I awoke to the sight of Lola in my bed. Her naked chest was moving, so I had no immediate reason to panic.
Jamie stood in the corner wide-eyed. "Wow, I was raped to death by a demonic cult and even I found that disturbing."
Leo walked through the wall to stand at Jamie's side. "And this isn't even the worst of it."
I tried to sit up but my body hurt. "Why, the fuck, are you even here?" Just my luck, I had a pair of fuck-boy morons for guardian angels.
Leo sighed. He approached the bed, stroking Lola's hand. "You can't change the past." He made a turn to the closet, grabbing my phone from my pocket. "But you can choose your future."
I was lucid enough to move my arm and unlock my screen. I had wi-fi. I clicked on my email. it was open to a message from Cece, starting with a link that I had never seen before. ""
Leo shrugged. "You should probably take a look."
I clicked. There was Cece in her blue dress, sitting on her bed. "Hi, Dad. I'm a little nervous. I really like Jason, and well, I wish you could have met him. He's so much like you. He wants to join the Marines, travel the world. I mean, I guess I'd write to him. A lot of my friends are planning on getting married, so their boyfriends don't cheat. It's really stupid. Jason says he loves me, he wants to marry me. I'm pretty sure he just wants to fuck me." Cece looked down at her silver ring. It had belonged to my grandmother who passed away before Cece was born. I had given it to my daughter on her sixteenth birthday. It was only then, on that video, did I notice where she wore it. She wore it like a wedding ring: a purity ring.
Cece looked to the side, at her computer, to press a few keys. "I hope this will help my anxiety." The music starts to play, it was a slow, Celtic, song. I watched as she moved her arms, in a graceful ballet pose. She appeared to be free-styling a dance piece, in her room, dancing on her bare feet. It was truly breathtaking. But why was the file titled ''?
"I can't wake up without you, Dad." The voice was not coming from the phone.
I nearly screamed at the sight of Cece's broken, bloody form.
Jamie put his arm around Cece, patting her shoulder. "Don't worry, she's still in a coma."
The creepy, undead version of my daughter leaned her head on Jamie's shoulder. She turned just enough to look at me with her dark, innocent, eyes. "When you rocked me to sleep, you would tell me stories. I think you assumed I couldn't hear you or what I wasn't paying attention."
"You couldn't even talk." For the first two years, I was so nervous about being a father, that I would unload all of my horrific stories on to Cece like a verbal diary. she didn't speak a word until she started preschool at age three and even then, I never heard anything from her teachers about my stories.
"Knowing so much about your past is why I always had such respect for you." Cece took a step forward, reaching out her hand. "I know what you saw, what you experienced. It made you the person you are." When she came closer, her hand hit a glowing wall of energy. She nodded her head knowingly. We weren't in the same space. "Jamie said you're going to make your way back to me."
I knew our time was short so I had only one question to ask. "Why greed?"
"You told me I was your treasure; I was everything you ever wanted."
"I'm so sorry."
"That wasn't meant as an attack. Not at you, not ever." Cece moved closer. She was able to sit on the bed, her hand caressing the fabric. Her moves were careful and deliberate.
I would have given anything to be able to touch her hand. I knew in my heart this wasn't an illusion, this was my daughter.
Cece pursed her lips and continued, "There's an old saying, 'Shoot for the moon, even if you fail, you'll be among the stars.' Well, what happens when you reach the moon but it's not the finish line that you thought it would be. You always want more, I did anyway. that's why I let Jason go as far as he did. I thought I could have it all; I'd go to college and have a hot, long-distance boyfriend. maybe we'd meet up in Europe where I would audition for a ballet company. At least that's what I thought." Cece wiped tears from her eyes. "He was dating me as a practical joke. I was the nerdy-science geek who was also a dancer. The rumor was that I clearly wanted to be fucked, but my stern military daddy was keeping me inline." She paused for a moment, looking into my eyes. "I guess he was half right. I knew Jason's plan was to make me choose between you and him. And what's really messed up is, I would have chosen him. I was greedy." Cece took a few steps back, her form already starting to fade. "I miss you so much, Dad. Please come find me."
Leo cracked his knuckles. "Well, this was fun but we have miles to go before we sleep. So-" He turned to Jamie.
“Yeah, I know.” Jamie nodded, with a sigh, as Cece vanished.
Next, Leo turned to me, with hesitation. "This next part is going to hurt."
"More than seeing my dying daughter?"
Leo clicked his tongue as he moved to Jamie's side. "Adam, how much do you remember about your trip from Oklahoma to Louisiana?"
"Do I remember who shot me and left me for dead int he Louisiana swamplands?" I clearly did not.
"Do you want to know?" Leo asked, twirling a lock of his rainbow hair. "I mean I'm supposed to show you, orders from the big boss," he said, motioning towards heaven. "But I think it would be a little cruel."
Jamie's eyes lit up. "Can we just give him a summery? He'll feel just as shitty but we won't have to watch it!"
Leo pursed his lips, clearly trying to hide laughter. "Jamie..." Leo took a breath to calm down. "None the less you are correct. But to stay in line with the," he made the pointing gesture again, "I'll give him just enough to dwell on during our hike back to civilization."
Jamie leaned against a wall as Leo stepped towards me. He crawled into bed, positioning himself on top of me like a snake. His long hair trickled against my face. "You good, Adam?"
"As good as I can be."
"I'll make this quick." Leo closed his eyes.
I did the same. The images flashed before my eyes like the world’s worst vacation slideshow. Oh, God.
More sex, drugs, a few suicide attempts. Luckily it would only last three weeks. I apparently went on the mother of all drug binges. I didn't want to go home, and I knew why. My daughter was sick, but my wife… my beautiful, kind, wife, Marni-Lynn was a fucking whore who’d torn my heart out a long time ago.

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New to card counting and have a few questions

I'm a total beginner but I know basic strategy and can keep the running count on a learning app. I don't plan on going with real money until I have basic strategy down 100%. I went through 1000 hands this morning on my app and was incorrect 13 times. I know it's not good enough yet.
1) If the rules aren't clearly stated on the website would it be best to call casinos to ask or wing it when I get there? I live very close to Biloxi so there are many casinos to choose from. 2) Once I find a casino with reasonable rules and low limits I'm going to go and just practice counting and basic strategy by flat-betting. Should I get a players card to reap the benefits of food/comps if I'm just going to be flat betting and at the low limits tables? 3) How long should I wait to learn illustrious 18 and fab 4? Thanks in advance!
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TIFU by losing all my money, getting locked out of my hotel room in just my underwear and almost getting arrested

obligatory "this didn't happen today" sentence.
I was staying at the Casino/Hotel in Biloxi, Ms for a work conference. At these conferences most people do more drinking/gambling than actual working. This particular evening I was planning on doing both. I had an hour or so to kill before dinner so I went to the atm and pulled out my maximum daily amount. After losing just $100, I put the rest of the money in my money clip on my wallet and walked to meet a client at Mary Mahoney's for dinner. He brought along some co workers of his and after the dinner we all exchanged business cards. During this process, my money clip came undone, and all my money fell out of my wallet. Not knowing I headed back to the hotel to start my big night of gambling. After finding the perfect seat at the blackjack table for my impending heater, I realized my money clip is empty and I've lost all my money without the thrill of actually losing it. I retrace my steps from the hotel to the restaurant many times before giving up. "I hope someone who needed it found that money" I tell myself, trying to find the silver lining.
Since I've already pulled out my daily limit from the atm, I have no choice but to call it a night. I went up to my room, ordered pay per view and some room service. I like to sleep in my underwear and just my under wear, so I strip down, get in bed, eat my room service, and watch my movie. Then my night goes from bad to worse. Movie ends. I decided it would be best to clean up some before bed. So I take my room service tray out into the hall and set it down. As I'm setting down the tray, the door closes and locks behind me.
I frantically try to shake the handle, just praying the door will by some miracle open. No miracles. I then knock on a few of the doors of my neighbors, hoping I can use their phone to call the front desk. Again, I'm in just my whitey tighties, no one answered or came to the door weirdly. Fear sets in.
Realization Happens.
"I'm going to have to go to the front desk and get another key" I start walking/jogging to the elevator. I pass a man, who just looks at me and doesn't even acknowledge I'm jogging and in my underwear. "Bless you" I think. I get in the elevator. As the elevator starts going down, I realize that I'm going to have to walk through the entire Casino to get to the front desk. My luck continues. Elevator opens to a group of about 20-25 middle aged women on a bachelorette party. This is quite possibly the worst thing that could have happened to me. Not only are all these woman hooting and hollering at me in my underwear, everyone in the Casino is now curious as to what is causing the commotion. I make my way through them feeling the warm eyes of everyone in the Casino as I walk, looking very much like Walter White season 1, in my underwear through the Casino. One of the security guards has noticed all this and has decided that he thinks I'm just some punk young adult trying to create a scene. He comes up behind me and immediately puts me in hand cuffs. I didn't even get one word out of my mouth before hand.
Can this get worse?
Police show up.
Cops are now talking with security guard about what has happened. All the while, I'm now sitting, in my underwear, handcuffed, in the middle of the Casino floor. I still have not even gotten to tell anyone that I"m simply locked out of my room and extremely embarrassed. Finally, the cops start asking me, "what in the hell I'm thinking." I proceed to tell them everything that has just happened and that I'm actually staying at the hotel. Once they realized that this was simply a mistake and not me just being an asshole running around in my underwear, they uncuffed me. The security guard then called the front desk and confirmed my information and told me to go wait by my room and they would send someone up with the key.
I went back up to my room and was sitting, in my underwear, by the door when a girl from the hotel walked up and said, "Yep, your clearly who I'm here to help." "sigh, yes...yes I am". It was sorta like that dream where you wake up in class in nothing but your underwear, execpt it was a Casino and it was real.
TL;DR I lost all my money, went back to my room. While setting room service tray in hall the door closed and I was locked out in my underwear. Had to walk through casino to the front desk to get a key in just my underwear and was almost arrested for indecent exposure.
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Second Day, First Tip
This is my second day doing Lyft (and rideshare driving overall). I'm in a HORRIBLE area for it. Gulfport-Biloxi region of Mississippi. Only things we have going for us are a small expensive local airport (mostly used by high rollers) and about 4 "major" casinos. I think the problem is most people are taking Ubers?
I was at the airport que for THREE HOURS, three flights came in that time, the first 2 everyone on the flight either had a ride or took all the Ubers from the rideshare lot (some of those Uber drivers returned for flight #2). I was pretty depressed by 3rd flight.
I got an awesome guy. He was super friendly, just came in from Portland to take care of his mom that just had surgery. He's from the area, which same as me I moved back here from Los Angeles, so we joked about how horrible of an area we're both from in comparison.
I mentioned my horrible time at the airport rideshare line and he agreed Uber is probably more popular around here, but that he likes Lyft because the drivers are generally nicer and that it lets him tip in the app.
Now when he mentioned that he likes tipping in app, I just decided not to talk about tips that much. I just joked about how it's probably the safer option, cash could be dangerous to carry around while lyfting if someone mugged a driver.
Dropped him off, helped him get his luggage out, wished his mother the best in recovery. Before I even pulled away he had already input a tip. And not the default 2$ one. I mean it's not a great fare, considering I could have gotten 25-30 if he was going to a casino, but the fact he was so nice and gave a tip kinda made my night.
(PS, before the comments on mileage to minutes, I get 9 cents a minute, he knew that. I wasn't milking time, we had flash floods recently and I was driving safely 5mph below speed limit and sometimes 10 below.)
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Tristan Wade prevails at Palm Beach Kennel Club

The World Series of Poker Circuit started last week and it finally came to an end, with Tristan Wade being the last man standing in a tournament that attracted several poker professionals. This time, the series stopped at the Palm Beach Kennel Club in Florida, with a total of 12 gold rings up for grabs and the flagship tournament was the $1675 Main event. A total of 303 players participated and among those who found it worthwhile to sit down at the tables were former World Series of Poker winners. Jamie Gold remains the best paid world champion, with his victory in the main event resulting in a paycheck of $12 million. By comparison, Greg Raymer received a smaller amount for achieving the same performance and his career was littered with various scandals, including one that saw him arrested for a short period of time. Unfortunately for them, they didn't make the final table where Tristan Wade brought a healthy stack and started as a favorite over several poker pros. Zo Karim, David Diaz and Chance Kornuth were all present, but except for David who made the heads-up, the other two had to settle for an amount of less than $30,000. By comparison, Tristan was the only player to win a six digit prize and by prevailing in this tournament, he also secured a seat in the season-ending National Championship. This is how the final table looked like and the corresponding amounts awarded to each finalist: 1 Tristan Wade Boynton Beach, FL $106,8062 David Diaz Memphis, TN $66,0393 Thomas Midena Brooklyn, MI $47,9634 Kristopher Bradshaw Scottville, MI $35,4285 Zo Karim Orlando, FL $26,5976 Will Souther Biloxi, MS $20,2847 Chance Kornuth Las Vegas, NV $15,7128 Benjamin Zetina West Palm Beach, FL $12,3539 Philip Consolo Miami Shores, FL $9,858 Mike Dentale and Nathan Bjerno were credited with a decent chance at making the final table, but Mike had to settle for the 31st place, while Nathan came close but didn't make it. Action will shift to Europe for the time being, with the European Poker Tour to keep live poker players wired for the next couple of months. Meanwhile, over the Internet it is business as usual and those who have an account with 888 Poker, know that tournaments run on a weekly basis while there is no shortage of players at cash tables.
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Awesome secret places to eat in South Mississippi

I was recently asked by someone from out of town for places to eat around the Coast. I realized I had developed something of a list of reasonably-priced restaurants across South Mississippi, that are awesome.
Here's the rules: These are places people wouldn't usually think of to recommend to a visitor (like The Shed, or Mary Mahoney's). Also, these aren't places you are going to spend a fortune on a meal for two people. Between 20 and 30 bucks at the worst. These are also not casino restaurants or chain restaurants. Most importantly, I'm going to tell you what to order, because I hate going to places people recommend, not liking it, and being told by my friend that I ordered the wrong thing.
Thought I'd post my list here to see if anyone else has a good one.
1.)Country Gentleman in Gautier on Gautier-Vancleave Road. Order the Gyros or Super-Gyros I moved out of Jackson County last year, so I hope this place is still open. It sounds like a joint that does "Chicken-fried whatever", and they do make that. But it's run by this Greek family, and there's a little section in the menu that is Greek food. And it blows Mr. Greek in Biloxi out of the water.
2.)Cafe New Orleans in D'iberville on Lamey Bridge Road. Order literally anything. Just order whatever the special is. This is a place that does 'soul food' or 'comfort food' or whatever it's called. It's a place where you can order a pork chop and hush puppies. The food is good. It's not amazing, but it's good. The draw is that you get like a pound of whatever you order. Way too much. If you eat at this place for lunch, I guarantee you, you will be eating the leftovers for dinner.
3.) Zeppelins in Biloxi on Howard Avenue. Order the Pizza This isn't a pizzeria. I don't know if they bill themselves as a pizzeria, but it's not a pizzeria. It's a bar. It looks like a bar, smells like a bar, and is lit like a bar. It is also the best place for gourmet pizza I've found on the coast. I have tried a handful of the pizzas they have on the menu and every one has been great. Extra Credit: their kitchen is open until like 2am. That's how I found this place. I work nights.
4.) Brooklyn Pizza in Gulfport on Courthouse Rd. Order the Steak and Cheese Sandwich Every time someone new comes to town, this is the FIRST place I send them. The pizza is fine. Everything else is also fine, I'm sure. But don't order it. Order the Steak and Cheese sandwich. If they ask you what you want on it, tell them "Whatever comes on it." This is the best sandwich, not just on the Coast, but that I have ever eaten in my life. It takes like 10 minutes to make, which should give you plenty of time to call your loved ones and tell them the person they knew is about to die, and a new, better, person is about to be born unto this world.
5.)Mockingbird Cafe in Bay St. Louis on 2nd Street. Order a burger I went to this place once, a few years back. I don't get into Hancock County very often. If something has changed since then, this might not still be the case. The place looks like an artsy coffee house hidden inside some historic home. Don't worry about that. You don't have to talk to any of the hippies. Just order a burger. They do something weird where the bun is a little sweet, like there is a bit of sugar in it. Not a lot, but just enough that you notice. It's a memorable burger. I'm still thinking about it, and I've seen my share of burgers since then.
That's my list. I'm not really a seafood guy, so none of the seafood places were on it.
Anybody else got one? Preferably one that fits the rules. Also, I'd love to hear about places that are open past 11 (again, I work late). Most importantly, wherever it is, TELL ME WHAT TO ORDER.
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Best poker between SC and New Orleans?

Biloxi? New Orleans itself? Thinking about driving down to New Orleans this weekend and throwing some poker in the mix as well. I know Biloxi is on the way and has casinos but just wondering what the best options/poker rooms are. Thanks!
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Going homeless September 9th

Here's the deal. I live in Denver Colorado. Couple of years ago the state of Colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana, since then there has been a mass migration to the state. The city has also been undergoing a lot of gentrification. When you combine 200 people a day moving to the city of Denver and all the new buildings are luxury apartments, it puts the squeeze on blue collar people like myself. I paint houses for a living, I also teach music at the School of Rock. I make about 15 dollars an hour and work about 60 hours a week. Annually I make roughly $23,000 a year. When I moved back to Denver after attending the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles I was able to get a studio apartments for $500 a month. That's totally doable on many salaries. But this past year it's not been the case. The building I live in was purchased by an investment company who are going to renovate the entire building. The process for doing this first is denying the renewal of a lease. Every single person that lives in the building when their lease expires they are unable to sign a new lease for a year 6 months or even month to month. This is a very large building with over 500 units, of various sizes from Studio, one bedroom, and 2 bathrooms. I would like to move back into the same apartment I live in now, but the rent will be $950. Based on what I make a month and what I make a year that's more than 35 % of my income. The fact is you can't find an apartment anywhere in this city. Way more people are moving here than the city can hold, and Apartments don't stay on Craigslist for more than 12 hours. I've spent over $250 in the past month on credit checks only to be denied because I don't make enough money or they just simply decided to rent to someone else despite my credit score being in the 700s. I could get a roommate, move into a one or two bedroom... but I've had nothing but bad experiences in the past with roommates, bed bugs, being stolen from, bed bugs, destroying the property, bed bugs, skipping out on the rent, bed bugs, completely disappearing (once she left her dog with us and just simply disappeared for 2 months no rent) bed bugs. I can't trust other people especially with my wild and crazy Golden Retriever which I love to death. I also really cannot justify paying $1000 for a studio apartment, I know times are changing and soon this will be the norm due to inflation but it just happened within one lease, and wages haven't caught up yet. So here's my plan. I am selling my Honda Civic I've had for almost 10 years. I recently purchased a Toyota Tacoma which I will find a camper or bad ass topper. I am selling five out of my 7 Instruments including an upright bass, 5 out of 6 amplifiers, an 88 weighted key synthesizer, my pedalboard, one of my computers, my television, and really anything I can sell. My sister has agreed to let me use some of her storage space that I will use for my futon one of my bases, and anything else I can't sell. I'm going to keep: an army duffel bag and a 2 backpacks, about a dozen or 20 pairs of socks, four or five pairs of underwear. A pair of jeans 2 pairs of cargo shorts and a pair of dress pants as well as two dress shirts and about 10 t-shirts, 2 hats a pair of dress shoes and a pair of sneakers, a hoodie, a jacket, and 3 belts. In one backpack will have my laptop and charger, as well as some random things that I will need. The other backpack will contain most of my hygiene things shampoo soap razor blade, first aid, basic bathroom essentials. My duffle bag will be full of most of my clothes. ( I'm a graduate of a pristine military academy and I've had to do some field training exercises with everything in your wall locker in the same type of double bag) a longboard skateboard, my Mexican Fender Jazz Bass, a neo fender rumble 40, an army cot with pad. A tackle box which will be used in a toolbox for very basic tools such as the allen wrenches I need for my bass and skateboard crescent wrench hammer, screwdriver, utility knife. I will keep a super awesome Tupperware bowl that I have that I can use to microwave anything from potatoes to ramen noodles, as well as what is a hobo knife ( it's got a spoon and a fork like a camping knife) The paint company I work for does not do interior work and they close in the winter time. They have a shower in their headquarters, as well as a coffee machine. I have put in my two weeks notice at my music teaching job so that I can work overtime hours Painting until the end of Painting season (my birthday November 22) I will sleep in the truck, get up in the morning use my company's shower to shave n shit, I'll use their kitchen to make coffee and then go paint houses until it gets dark when I can go to a coffee shop or bar to internet my troubles away and charge my phone and computer. I will get a p.o box at the post office, and use my brother or sister's address for anything I need shipped. I will take the opportunity to crash at or use a shower at a friends house which I'm sure I will take advantage of at least once a week. It's going to start getting cold and I might have to crash at houses more often as the cold sets in. As soon as the Painting season is over I will start... Phase 2: "it's all about that bass" of my homelessness journey. Not having to pay for rent and working overtime hours I will have a small fortune saved up. Phase 2 I will travel to various cities that are known for having a music scene along the south. I will stay in each city crashing in Walmart parking lots and using coffee shops and bars for Internet and electricity to charge my phone and computer. I will get a gym membership at a chain gym (such as Ballys or 24 hour fitness) so that I may use their showers. I have acquired passes to the National Association of music merchants or NAMM convention in Anaheim California the third week of January. this is a huge deal and an expo like this I can make many more connections (this will be my third appearance and third useing different route of pass... what I mean is you can't buy a ticket and you can't just walk in, you need to be invited. You are issued a pass through a person who is either a merchant or buyer as a visitor. They need your information as they will scan your ID to verify your authenticity... fucking sweet!) I will stay in Los Angeles for 1 to 3 weeks. I went to college there and my ex wife still lives there. I can find a lot of jam spots and crash on many couches. I will go to Las Vegas NV, where I will craigslist myself deep into their music scene. I will try to acquire and get get a casino as I am a complished musician that is very good at sight reading. I will travel to Austin Texas where I have several connections in the music industry and I will make several more over the period of 1 to 3 weeks. I will travel to New Orleans where I am almost guaranteed (but nothing in life is guaranteed) to meet hundreds of amazing jazz musicians. I will spend time in Nashville Tennessee, and maybe from what I hear Athens Georgia has a great music scene. I will be using credit and craigslist as well as Facebook and Twitter to network as much as I can. I will try to secure an audition for a cruise ship while I'm in the Florida area. One of my best friends is a an old senior citizen who is one of the best musicians I've ever known he's in the same boat I am in being gentrification- ized... ated...ed... he can't make his rent on a fixed income because he's retired. ( he has a joke about how he's moving to LA... lower Alabama, apparently there's some great places to rent on the Gulf Coast) I will definitely be meeting up with him and trying to secure a casino gig near Biloxi Mississippi. Phase 3 "the wrap up" looking at everything I've experienced, I still have a job in Denver with a 401k that starts back up in March painting houses. Maybe the rental market will come back down to reality. Maybe they will offer me a raise seeing that I've lived homeless, and that they need to paint a record amount of houses and they have to pay their best manager a living wage. Other people in the city of Denver will go through the same thing I just went through. But if that doesn't work out I will have months of job offers and exploring experience in my pocket. Many people tell me I might not come back from New Orleans. I was there on tour with a band before Katrina. Only two cities I've ever visited have I said the words " we don't NEED to go back to Colorado. We could stay here, find jobs and get an apartment" and those cities were New Orleans and Hollywood California, and I lived in Hollywood California for several years. If I get a well paying job at a casino in a cover band I might not come back, I might just end my journey and set up shop. Who knows maybe I'll get a gig on a cruise ship and be able to live rent free for 6 more months. Maybe I'll find a job in the public school system in Las Vegas they're currently having a teacher crisis. Maybe I'll patch things up with my ex wife and stay in Los Angeles. Maybe I'll meet the love of my life in Austin Texas, maybe everything will fall apart and I'll have to stay in Macon Georgia doing things I never thought I would do for money. While I'm not really a hopeless homeless person, I have many skills and I work very hard. An unlikely inspiration for a musician is Arnold Schwarzenegger, I will live by his keys to success. Believe in yourself, never give up, work hard, and give back. It really stinks that I can't afford to live in the city my family has lived in for decades. I'm sick of being called an asshole for telling people to stop moving here, but really we can't support all these people. This city is losing someone who volunteers their time for free every week to teach people how to play in a jazz group. (come on down for the jazz jam at strange grounds on S Broadway every Saturday night) Menver is losing a teacher and a blue collar painter, it's losing one of its natives. But you have to make the best of a bad situation, maybe I'll fall flat on my face maybe I'll come out king of the mountain... I don't know and that's life.
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Boys Weekend in Biloxi May 14/15 2016

I have comb through a few post and the advice I have gotten so far been amazing. Because of this subreddit we are planning our first stop at Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel since we will be refunded up to 100 dollars of lost bets the next day. I still need help planning our weekend and look forward to hearing more ideas. We are age 35 to 45 Straight White Males enjoying a boys vacation. We prefer dive bars and one of the post in this subreddit point us to The Project Lounge known for it amazing steak sandwich. Even though it cost more money to drink at the casino to enjoy free booze we all are stubborn about just playing the lowest blackjack table with a blackjack rule card in front of us. Help me plan a boy's weekend. We are trying to go from ordinary to extraordinary on a budget. Some Questions. Which casino has the best free gameplaying craft beer selection, is it in a certain area of the casino? I know you guys have 2 breweries while we will not be visiting them I would love a place where I can order them for free. I called the Hard Rock and they do pool service for 10 dollars is this a worthwhile deal. Are other pools better or offer more unique services. Where we can we get coupon for free play, or half off buffets? Is there certain publication that has these feature or should we hit the Biloxi welcome center? We look into 24 hour bars outside of the casino. One of the one is a gay bar Just us Lounge and seems to be cater to straight/gay mix. Any words of warning? There used to be a place called the Horseshoe Lounge did this place rename and is it still open? Imagine your poor redneck cousins coming into town. How would you show them a rowdy good time when they only brought a few dollars to their names.
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Storm chaser’s videos show flooding at Biloxi casinos as Nate makes landfall

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 39%. (I'm a bot)
A Florida man trekked through the strongest part of Hurricane Nate to capture flooding of a Biloxi casino on video.
Mike Theiss, a storm chaser and National Geographic photographer, took video of flooding from the first floor of Golden Nugget Casino Resort Saturday night as the eyewall of Nate made its way over Biloxi and the rest of the Mississippi Coast.
Hugh Keeton, a reporter at WLOX-TV, reported flooding inside the first floor of Hard Rock Casino Hotel Biloxi.
The first floor of the parking lot of the Palace Casino also had flooding Saturday night.
Several parts of U.S. 90 in Biloxi saw flooding late Saturday night.
The Weather Channel reports that eastbound lanes of U.S. 90 in East Biloxi were flooded at 12:30 a.m. Sunday.
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aground Aguilera ah aha Ahab ahas ahead ahem ahh Ahmed ahoy Aida Aiello Aiken aikido ail ailed Aileen ailing ailment ailments ails Ailsa aim aimed aiming aimless aimlessly aims air airbag airborne airbrick airbricks airbrush airbrushed Airbus aircraft aircrash Aire aired Airedale airfare airfield airfoil airforce airgun airhead airheads airily airing airless airline airliner airliners airlines airlock airmail airmen airplane airplanes airplay airport airports airs airspace airstrikes airstrip airtight airtime airwaves airway airways airy aisle aisled aisles aitch Aiwa Ajax akin Akira Al Alabama alacrity Aladdin Alain Alan Alaric alarm alarmed alarming alarmingly alarmist alarmists alarms alas Alasdair Alaska Alaskan Albania Albanian Albanians Albans Albany albatross albedo albeit Albert Alberta Alberto Albertus Alboreto Albright album albums Albuquerque Alcatel Alcatraz alchemists alchemy alcohol alcoholic alcoholics alcoholism alcove alder Alderhey alderman Aldermaston Aldersgate Aldershot Alderton Aldgate Aldrin Aldus Aldwick Aldwych ale aleatory Aled alehouse aleph alert alertable alerted alerter alerters alerting alertness alerts ales Alesi Alessandro alewife Alex Alexa Alexander Alexandra Alexandria Alexandrian Alexandrine Alexei Alexey Alexis Alf Alfa alfalfa Alfred algae algebra algebraic algebraical algebraically algebraist algebraists Algeria Algerian Algernon Algiers ALGOL algorithm algorithmic algorithmically algorithms alibi Alice Alicia Alighieri align alignable aligned aligning alignment alignments aligns alike alimentary alimony Alisdair Alison Alistair Alister alkali alkaline alkalinity alkalis all Allah Allan allay allayed alledgedly allegation allegations allege alleged allegedly alleges allegiance allegiances alleging allegory allegro Allen Allentown allergens allergic allergies allergy alleviate alleviated alleviates alleviating alleviation alley alleys alleyway alleyways alliance alliances allied allies Alligata alligator alligators Allison alliteration allocate allocated allocates allocating allocation allocations allocator allocators allot alloted allotment allotments allotted allotting allow allowability allowable allowably allowance allowanced allowances allowancing allowed allowedly allowing allows alloy alloys allude alluded alludes alluding allure alluring allusion allusions ally allying alm Alma almanac almanack almanacs almost alms almshouse almshouses aloe aloft aloha alone aloneness alongs alongside aloof aloud Aloysius alpaca alpha alphabet alphabetic alphabetical alphabetically alphabeticals alphabetics alphabetised alphabets alphanumeric alphanumerical alphanumerically alphanumerics Alphonse Alresford Alsace Alsatians also Altavista altercations alternate alternated alternately alternates alternating alternation alternations alternative alternatively alternatives alternator alters although alto Altoids Alton Altrincham altruism altruistic altruistically alum aluminium aluminum alumni alumnus Alvin always Alyssa Alzheimer Alzheimerian am Amadeus amalgam amalgamate amalgamated amalgamation amalgamations Amanda Amanpreet Amati amaze amazed amazedly amazement amazes amazing amazingly Amazon ambassador ambassadors amber ambience ambient ambiguate ambiguities ambiguity ambiguous ambiguously ambition ambitions ambitious ambitiously ambivalence amble ambled ambler ambles Ambleside Ambra Ambrose ambulance ambulances ambulatory ambush ambushed Amelia Amelie ameliorate ameliorated ameliorating amelioration ameliorative amen amenable America American Americana Americanism Americanized Americans Amerigo Amersham amethyst Amiga Amigas amigo amigos Amin amity Amman ammonia ammonium amnesia amoeba amok amongs amongst amounted amounting amp Ampex amphetamine amply amps amputated amputation amputative amputees Amsterdam Amstrad Amtrak amulet amuse amused amusement amusements amuses amusing amusingly Amy an anabolic anachronism anachronistic anachronistically anaconda anaemia anaemic anaerobic anaesthesia anaesthetic anaglyph anagram anagrams anal analagous analgesics anally analog analyse analysed analyser analyses analysing analysis analyst analysts analytic analytical analytically analytics analyzable analyzation analyze analyzed analyzer analyzers analyzes analyzing anamorphically Ananova anarchic anarchist anarchistic anarchists anarchy Anastasia anasthetic anathema Anatole Anatolian Anatoly anatomic anatomical anatomically anatomies anatomist anatomy ancestor ancestors ancestral ancestrally ancestry anchor Anchorage anchored anchoring anchors anchovies anchovy ancient Anco and andante Anders Andersen Anderson Andersson Anderton Andes Andi Andorra Andover Andre Andrea Andreas Andretti Andrew Andrews Andrey Andries andromeda andromedae Andropov Andy anecdotal anecdote anecdotes Aneurin anew Anfield Angband angel Angela angelic Angelos Angelou Angharad Angie angina angler anglers Anglia Anglian angling Angmering Angola angostura angrier angrily angry angst Anguilla anguish anguished anguishes angular angularity angularly angulate angulated angulately angulates angulating angulation Angus animal animalistic animals animate animated animates animating animation animations animator animators animist animosity animus aniseed Anita Ankara ankle ankles Ann Anna Annabel Annabell Annabella Annabelle Annalee annals Anne annealed annealing Anneka Annemarie Annetta Annette annex annexe annexed annexes Annie annihilable annihilate annihilated annihilates annihilating annihilation annihilative annihilator anniversary Annmarie annoints annotate annotated annotates annotating annotation annotations annotator announce announced announcement announcements announcer announcers announces announcing annoy annoyance annoyances annoyed annoying annoyingly annoys annual annually annuity annul annulated annulled annulling annulment annuls annunciation anode anointing anomalies anomalous anomaly anon anorak anorexics another Ansaphone Anselm Anselmo ANSI answerers ant Antarctic Antarctica anteater anteaters antelope antenna antennae antennas Anthea anthem anthologies anthology Anthony anthropoid anthropoids anthropological anti antichrist anticlimax anticlogging anticompetitive antidependencies antidiarrheals antidote antidotes antiemetics antiflatulent antiflatulents antifungal antifungals antigen antigens Antigua antihistamines antihypertensives Antilles antimatter Antioch Antipodes antitoxins antitussives Antoinette Anton Antonia Antonin Antonio Antony antonym Antrim Antwerp Anubis anus anvil anvils anxieties anxiety anxious anxiously any anybody anyhow anything anythings anytime anyway anywhere Anzio AOL aorta Apache Apaches apart apartheid apathy ape aperiodic apes apex aphrodisiac aphrodite apiary apogee apolitical Apollo Apollon apology apostrophe apostrophes Appalachian appalled appalling appallingly Appaloosa apparatchiks apparatus apparel apparent apparently apparition appedices appellation appendicies appetising Appian applaud applauded applauding applause apple Appledram Appleman appoints appraisal appraisals appraise appraised appraising apprenticeship apprise apprised approbation approx apricot apricots April apron aprons apropos apse apt aptly Apu Apuldram aqua Aquafresh aquamarine aquarium aquariums Aquinas Arab arabesque Arabia Arabian Arabic Arabs arachnid arachnids arachnophilia Aramis Araya arbiter arbiters arbitrarily arbitrary Arbuckle arc arcade arcades arcadian arch archaeologist archer archers archery Archie archipelago archipelagous architect architected architecting architectress architects architectural architecturally architecture architectured architectures archivist archivists arcs Arctic Arden Ardennes are area areas Aretha Argentina Argentine Argentinian Argonaut Argonauts Argos arguably argumentative Argyleshire aria arias arid aridity Ariolasoft Aristophanes Aristotle arithmetics Arizona ark Arkansas Arlene Arlington Arlo armadillo Armagh Armand Armani Armco Armenia Armenian Armenians armistice armor armory armrest Arnault Arnie Arnold Arnoux aroma aromas aromatherapist aromatherapy arouses arousing arraignments Arrakis arrest arrogantly arrow arrowed arrowhead arrowheads arrowing arrows arrrrrrgh arse arsed arsehole arseholes arsenic arsenide Arsenio arsonist art arterial arteries artesian Artex artform arthritis Arthur articulates artifices artist artless Arturo Arun Arundel Arundle as asbestos asbestosis Ascari ascender ascenders Ascentia ASCII Ascot ascribes Ashby Ashford Ashley Ashton ashtray ashtrays Asia Asian Asians Asiatic aside asides Asimov asinine askance asked askew asking asks asp asphyxiation Aspinall aspirin aspiring aspirins asps Asquith ass assail assailable assailant assailants assailed assailing assails assassin assassinate assassinated assassinates assassination assassins assault assaulted assaulting assaults assorted assymetrical Astaire asterisk asterisked asterisks Asterix asteroid asteroids asthma asthmatic asthmatics Aston astral astronaut astronautic astronautical astronautically astronautics astronauts astronavigator astronavigators astronomer astronomers astronomic astronomical astronomy astrophysical astrophysicist astrophysics asymmetries asynchronicity at Atari Ataris atavism ate atheist Athelney Athena Athene Athens Athos Atkinson Atlanta Atlantic Atlantis atlas atmosphere atmospheric atoll atolls atonal Atreides atrium attacks attain attainable attainably attempt attemptable attempted attempter attempting attempts Attenborough attentively attenuations attenuator attenuators attest attestation attic attics attracting attraction attractions attractive attractively attractiveness attractor attractors attracts attributable attributably attribute attributed attributes attributing attribution attributions attributively attrition attune atypical Auberon Aubrey auburn Auckland Audi audible audience audiences audio Audiogenic Audioline audition Audrey augmentations august Augusta Augustus aunt auntie aunts aura aural Aureate aureole Auriol Aussie Aussies Austen austere austerity Austin Australasia Australia Australian Australians Australias Austria Austrian authenticability authenticatory author authored authorial authoring Auto Union autogenerating autoloads automatable automatons autopiloting autopilots autopsied autopsies autopsy autoregressive autoresizes autostarted autosuspend autotuning autowrapped availabilities avalanches Avalon avarice avaricious avebury avenger aviator avid avidly Avignon avocado Avon awakes awe awk ax axe axed axes Axminster Aykroyd Aylesbury Aylesford Aylesham Ayo Ayres Ayreshire Ayrshire Ayrton azalea azaleas Azerbaijan Azerbaijani Azerbaijanis Azores Azrael Aztec Aztech Azur azure baa Baal Baan Babani Babbage babble babbled babbles babbling babe Babel baboon Babs Babyliss Babylon Babylonia Babylonians Bacall Baccarat Bacchus Bach Bacharach bacillus Back Orifice backended backhanded backlogging backs backsides backups bacon bacony bacteriological bacteriologist bactrian Baddiel Baden Bader Badminton Badoer baffle baffled baffles baffling BAFTA bagel bagels Baggins Bagginses Baghdad Bahamas Bahrain Baird Bakerloo Bakshi balderdash baldly baldness baldrick Baldur Balearic baleful Balham Bali Balin Balkan Balkanization Balkans ball ballad Ballantine Ballantyne ballistics Ballykissangel Balmoral balsa Baltic Baltimore Balzac Bambi bamboo banal banalities banana Bananarama bananas Banbury bandit Bangalore Bangkok Bangladesh Bangladeshi Bangor banishment banjo Bannerjee Bannister banquet banshee Bantu banyan banyans baptismal Barak Barbados Barbara barbarian barbaric barbarism barbeque Barbie Barbour Barbuda Barcelona Barchester Barclaycard Barclayloan Barclays barcodes bard bards bare bared barefoot barely Barents bares barf barfing barfs bargain bargained bargaining bargains barge bargeboards barged barges barging Barings baritone bark barked barking Barlow barn Barnaby Barnard Barnet Barnham barns Barnsley Barnstaple Barnt barnyard baron baroness barons baroque barracuda barred barrel barrelled barrels barren Barrett barricade barricades Barrichello barrier barriered barriers barring Barrington Barry Barrymore Bart Bartholomew Bartok Basel baseless baselessness BASF Bashir basic basically basics Basie basil Basildon basilisk Basingstoke basis bask basker Baskerville basket basketball basketballers baskets basking basque bass basser basses bassett bassist bassists bassoon bassoonist bassy bastard bastardish bastardising bastardized bastards basted Bastille bastion bat batch batched batches batching Bateson bathes Bathgate Bathory Bathurst baton bats Battenburg Battersea baud Baudelaire Baudot baulked Baumgartner Bavaria Bavarian bawd Baxendale Baxter bay Bayard bayed Bayern bayonetted bazaar BBC be beach beachcombers beached beaches beachy beacon Beaconhurst beaconing beacons Beaconsfield beagles beaker Beamish beancounting Beardmore Bearman beastiality beatings Beatle Beatlemania Beatles beatnik Beaton Beatrice Beatrix beats Beattie Beatty beau Beaubourg Beaujolais Beaulieu Beaumont beautified beaux Becca beck Becker Beckham Becky become becomes becoming bed bedbug bedded bedding bedecked bedfellows Bedford Bedfordshire Bedhampton Bedouin beds bee Beeb Beeblebrox Beecham Beeching Beeding beef beefed Beefheart beefier beefing beefs beefy Beegees beehive beehives beekeepers been beep beeped beeper beepers beeping beeps beer Beerbohm beerier beeriest beers beery bees beet Beethoven Beethovens beetle Beetlejuice beetles Beeton beetroot beets beg began begat beget begets begonia begot Behan behavior behaviors beheaded behemoth behemoths behoove behooves beige Beijing Beirut Bela Belarus Belfast Belgian Belgique Belgium Belgrade Belgrave Belgravia belie Belize bell Bella Bellamy Belle belled Belling Bellingham bellows Belorussia Belorussian Belsize Belushi Bemer bemoan Ben Benares Benatar Benchley Bendix Benedict benefactor benefactors beneficence Benelux Benetton Bengal Bengali benignly Benin Benito Benjamin Benji Benny Benoist bent Bentley Bentleys Benz benzene benzine Beowulf bequeath bequeathable bequeathed bequeather bequeathing bequeaths bequest bereavement bereft beret berets Berg Bergen Berger Bergkamp berk Berkhamsted Berkshire Berle Berlin Berliner Berlioz Bermondsey Bermuda Bernadette Bernard Bernhard Bernice Bernie Bernoldi Bernoulli Bert Bertha Bertie Bertillion Bertolt Bertram Bertrand Berwick Beryl beryllium beset beshrew beshrewed beshrewing beshrews Bess Bessie best bestows bet beta Betamax Betelgeuse Beth Bethany Bethesda Bethlehem Bethnal Bethnal Green bethnalgreen Betjeman betook betray bets Betsy Bettina Betty Beulah Beveridge Beverley Beverly bevvies bevvy bevy beweep Bexhill Bezier beziers BFG bhajis Bhutan Bhutani Bhutto Biafra Biarritz bibilographic Bicester bicyclist Bideford Bidmead big bigamy Bigfoot biggest Biggins Biggleswade Bigglesworth Biggs Bignor bigotry Bilbao Bilbo Billericay billets Billie Billingham Billingsgate Billingshurst billion billionaire billionaires billions billionth billows bills Billy Biloxi Binatone Bing Bingham biologist biosciences Birdham birds birdscarer birdseed birdwatching Birkenhead Birkhamsted Birmingham birthplace Birtwistle bisexual bisexuals bishop bishopric Bismark Bissett bitching bitterest Bixby bizarre bizarrely bizarreness Bizet Bjarne Bjork blab blacken blacklist blacklists Blackpool blacks blacksmith blacksmiths blacktail blackwash blackwashed blackwashes blackwashing bladder bladdered blade blades blag blagged blagger blaggers blah Blair Blaise Blake Blamire Blanchet blandly blaspheme blasphemous blasphemously blast blatently Blenheim Blenkinsop Bletchley blimp blindfolded blissfully blister blistered blockaded blockading blockages blockings Bloemfontein Bloodnok bloodsucking Bloomsbury blow blowfish blowjob blowjobs blubber bludgeoning bludgeons blue bluebell bluebells blueberry bluebird blueish bluesy blunder blunderbuss blunders blunt blunted blunter bluntly blur blurb blurbs blurp blurred blurring blurry blurs blurt blurted blurting blurts blush blushes bluster blusters blustery Blyth Blythe BMW boardrooms boast Boateng Bobby Bochum Bodmin Boeing boffin Bogart bogey bogging boggling Bognor Bogota bogusly Boillot Boise Bolam Bolero Boleyn Bolivar Bolivia Bolivian bollixed Bollywood bolognese Bolsover bolstered boltgun Bolton bolts bomb Bombadil Bombadillo bombards bombast Bombay bonanza Bonaparte bondsperson boneheads bongo bonk Bonn bonsai bonuses boogie bookmaking bookshelf Boole Boolean Booleans boomerang boomerangs boon boondocks boondoggle Boosey boost booth Boothferry booths booting bootlaces Bootle bootleg bootleggers bootlegs Bordeaux Borehamwood Borgia Borgias Boris Borland Borneo boron Boroughbridge borrowed borrowers borrowing borrowings borscht Bosch Bosham Bosnia Bosnian Bosnich Bostaph Boston Bostonians Bostrom Bostwick Bosworth botanist botches Botswana Botticelli Boudicca Boulogne boundedness Bournemouth Bovis bowdlerization Bowery Bowie Bowness bows bowsprit box boxy boy boycott boycotted boycotting boycotts Boyzone bozo bozoness bozos bra Brabham Bracklesham Bracknell Brad Bradfield Bradford Bradley Bradman Bradshaw Brady brag braggadocio braggart braggartism bragged bragger braggers bragging braggingly brags brahman Brahms Braille Braintree brainwash Braithwaite brander Brando bratwurst Brauchitsch Braun Braunton bravest brazen Brazil Brazilian Brazilians Brazzaville bread breadbox breadcrumb breads breadthless breakfast breakouts breast breasts breathes Brechin Brecht Breckenridge Bremen Brenda Brendan Brennan Breslaw Brest Brett Breville Brezhnev Bridget Bridlington Bridport briefest Brigid Brillo Brisbane briskly bristly British Britishness brittleness broadens broadsheets Broderbund brogues broiler brokenly brolley bromide Bronx Brooking Bros brothel browbeat brown Browne Bruce Brucie Brundle Bryony Buchan Bucharest Budapest budgerigars Budweiser buff bufferable Buford bugaboo Bugatti bugbears bugfixed bugfixes buggeration bugginess Buglass bugle bugleboy bugler buglet buglets Bulgariabulkiest bullion bullshit bunched bunching bungled Bunsen BUPA bureaucratically burglars burritos burstier bushed Bushnell busied busk butchered Butlins buttermilk buyers buzby buzzard buzzards buzzcocks Byelorussia Byrne cab cabbie caber cack Cadbury Caddick caddyless Cadell Cadiz Caerphilly caesium Cagney Cairns cakewalk Calais calcium Calcutta Caldera Calderdale Caleb Caledonia Caledonian Caledonians calendar calendrical calf calfed Calgary Calhoun Caliban calico California Californian Californians Caligari Callaghan Callahan Callas callbacks calligraphic calligraphy Calum Calvert Calvin calypso Camberwell cambric camcorder Camden camel Camelot camels camembert Cameroon Camilla Camille camomile Campari Campbell Canada Canadian Canadians Canaria Canarias Canaveral Canberra cancellers Candace Candice candidacy candy canister cannery Cannes cannibals canonicalizes cant cantaloupe cantankerous cantata Canterbury Canton Cantona Cantonese Canuck Canucks canyon canyons capacitated Capaldi capella caper capers capon Capone Capra capriciously captioned car Caracciola caramel caramels carbohydrates carbon carbonaceous carbonara carbonate carbonated carbonation carbonisation carbonise carbonised carbons carboxylic carbureted carburetor carburetors carcass carcasses carcinogenicity carcinogens card cardamom cardboard cardboards carded cardholder cardiac Cardiff Cardigan Cardiganshire cardiogenic cardiological cardiologist cardiologists cardiology cardiopulmonary cardiotheatre cardiovasclar cardiovascular caregiver caregivers caregiving carets Carfax Caribbean caries Carisbrooke Carl Carla Carlisle Carlo Carlos Carlsberg Carly Carlyle Carman Carmarthenshire Carmen Carmichael Carnaby carnally Carnarvon carnation carnet carnivore carnivores carnivorous Carol Carole Carolina Caroline carols Carolyn carouse carousel carp carpal Carraciola Carrera Carrickfergus Carrie carrierless Carrol Carroll carrot carrots carry carrying carryings carryout carryovers cars Carshalton cartesian Cartier cartographers cartographically cartography cartoon cartoonists cartoons cartouches cartridge cartridges carts cartwheels Caruso carve carved carver carvery carves Carvey carving carvings Caryl Casablanca caseless cash cashmere Casimir casino Casio casket Caspian Cassidy Cassiopeia Casterbridge Castilian castling Castro cat Catalan catalog Catalunya catalysing catalysts catastrophical catatonic Cate categorisation catenating Caterham caterpillar catfish Catford Catherine Catherines catheterization Cathie cathode Cathryn Cathy cation cations Catrina Catriona Caucasian cauliflower cautiousness Cavanagh Caxton Cayman Cecil Cecile Cecilia Cecily cedar cedars cedes cedilla Cedric Ceefax celeb Celeron celery Celeste Celia Celine Cellnet cello Celsius Celt Celtic Celts cembalino cent Centauri centenary centennial center centime centiminutes centipede centipedes Centrica Centronics cents century CEO cerebral cerebrospinal CERN certifiable certifier certifiers cerulean Cesar cesses Cessna Ceylon Cezanne CFO Chablis chaffinch chaffinches Chaim chalice chalking chamberlain chameleon chamomile champagne championed Chan Chandler Chandrashekar Chaney changings Chantal chanter chants Chapelthorpe Chapeltown Chaplin Chapman chapter char charade Chardonnay Charing Cross charingcross Charlene Charles Charlotte Charnley Charron chartering Charteris charts chary chassis chastising chatback Chatsworth Chattanooga Chatterley chattiness chatty Chaucer cheap cheapo cheapskate cheat cheated cheaters cheating cheats checksumming Cheech cheese cheeseburger cheesecake cheeseplant cheeses cheesiest Cheesman cheetah cheetahs Cheetos Cheever chef Chello Chelmsford Chelsea Cheltenham chemotherapeutics chemotherapy Cheops Chepstow cheque chequebook cheques Cherbourg Cherie Chernenko Chernobyl Cherokee Cheryl Chesapeake Cheshire Chesney Chessington Chessman Chester Chesterfield Cheswick Cheung Chevalier Chevis Chevrolet chewy Cheyenne Chiang Chianti Chicago Chichester chick chickadee chicken chickened chickens chickpeas chicks Chico chicory Chiddingfold Chidham Chidingfold chiffon Chigwell chihuahua chihuahuas Chile Chilean Chiltern Chilterns chime chimera chimeras chimerical chimp chimpanzee chimpanzees chin Chinatown Chinese ching Chinook chipolata Chippendale Chippenham Chipperfield chippy Chirac Chiron chiropody chiropractic chiropractor chiropractors chiropracty Chiswick chlamydia Chloe chlorate chlorosulphonic chocolate chocolates Chomsky Chong Chopra choreographer Chorlton Choudhury chowns Chris Christchurch Christina Christine Christopher chromakey chromatic chromatically chromaticities chromaticity chromatics chromic chronometry chrysalis chrysanthemum Chrysler chub Chubb chubby chucked chug chugging Chumbawamba chunder Chuzzlewit cicada Ciccone Cicely cichlid cichlids cider Cincinatti Cincinnati cinder Cinderella Cindy Cinematronics cinnamon ciphered circuitous circulates circulations circumcised circumciser circumcision circumcisions circumnavigate circumnavigated circumnavigates circumnavigating circumnavigation Cirencester CISC Cisco Citicorp Citrix Citroen citrus cittern Clacton claimer Clair Claire Clairol clambered clamoring clamour clamouring clampers Clampitt clams Clapham clapped Clapton Clara Clare Clarence claret Clarice clarinet clarinets Claris Clarissa Clark Clarke Clarksville classiest Claude Claudette Claudia Claudio clausal clavichord clavichords claviers clearable Clearasil Cleese Cleethorpes cleft Clement Cleo Cleopatra Clerkenwell Cleveland Clifford Clifton climatology Clinique Clint Clinton Clippit clippy clippys clitoral clitoris clitorises Clive cloners Clooney close cloudy Clovelly Clovis clown clowns cludge clumsy clunk clunked Clutterbuck Clwyd Clyde Clydesdale CMOS CNN coals coarsen coat Coates coaxial cobbling Cobham COBOL cobra Coburn cobwebs Cochrane cock cockamamie cockatoo cockney cockroaches cocksparrows cocktail cocktails cocoa coconut coconuts cocoon cod coda CODASYL codec codger codifies Coe coelacanth coelacanths Coen coffee coffees Coffey cognac cognate cognisant cognitively Cognos cogwheel Cohen coinstallers Colbert Colchester Coldplay Cole Coleclough Coleco Coleridge Coletta Colgate Colin collaboratory collectives Colleen Collette collie Colliergate Collins Collis colloquialism colluding Colombia Colombian color Colorado coloratura colored colorful coloring colors colour colt Coltrane colts Columbia Columbian Columbine Columbus Colwyn coma combatted Combe Martin comet cometh comets commandeer commanders commends commercialised Commie Commies committeemen Commodores commonalities commutable commutativity Como Compaq compartmentalized compendia compendiums complainers complementary complex complies compliments Compo composition compositional compositions comprehending comprehension Compuserve computer computerese computerisation Computervision con Conan concatenations conceivers conceptional concert concertina concerto concertos concerts conciliation concocted concomitantly concurrence concurrences condo condor conductance confederacies configurers conformed confounder confounds conga congesting congestive congests Congleton Congo congregated congruency conjectures conjoining conjoints conjugates conjugating Connecticut connectivities Connery Connick Connie Connolly Connor Connors connotation Conor Conrad Conran conscript conservators consoled consonance consortiums Constance Constellar constricted constricting consumptive contagious containee content contentedly contessa contextless contingents continuable contradict contrasty contrition convergency convolutions convolves convoy Conway coolie coot Copeland Copenhagen copiously copped copperpot Coppola cops copse copses copycats copyright Corel Corelli coresident corgi Corinna Corinne Coriolanus corks cormorant cormorants corn cornamuse cornbread Cornelia cornerstone cornet cornett cornetti cornettino Cornetto cornfed Cornish Cornwall corollaries Coronel corporatisation correctional correlational correlator correlators correspondently Corrine Corrs corruptible Corsa Corsica Corsican Corvette Cosgrave Cosham Cosmo cosmologic cosmological cosmologically cosmologist cosmologists cosmology cosmos cosponsors cossacks Costa Rica Costello costless costliest Cosworth Cottingham Cottingley cougar Coulthard countable counteracts counterbalancing counterintuitively counterpoise coup coups courgette courgettes Courtenay Courtney Cousteau Coutts Covent Garden Coventry covetous cow coward cowardice cowardly cowards cowbell cowboy cowboys Cowdrey cowed cowered cowering cowers Cowes cowgirls cowherd cowl cowlick cowling cowls coworkers cows cowshed cowsheds cowslip cowslips coyote coyotes CPU CPUs crabs cracksman Craddock Craig cranberries cranberry crannies crapola crater crawfish Crawley crayfish crazies creases creasing creator credibly Crediton Creole crestfallen cretaceous Crete cretinously Crewe cribbing Cricklewood crikey criticism criticisms Croat Croatia Croatian croissant croissants Cromer Cromwell Cronje Cronkite crosscompilation crosscompiling Crossley crow crowd crows Croydon crucify crumhorn crumhorns Crunchie Crusoe crustacean crux crybabies cryogenically cryptanalyse cryptographical cryptological cryptologists crypts Cthulu Cuba Cuban Cubans cuddle Cujo culminates Culpepper Cumberland Cumbria Cumbrian Cumming Cunnah cunning cunningly cunt Cuprinol Curacao cures curfew curia curing curio curiosities curiosity curlew curlews curmudgeon currants currentness curtailing Curtis Cushing cutes Cuthbert Cuthbertson cutlets cwm Cwmbran cwms cyan cyanates cyanide cyanides cybercops Cyberdyne cyberhighway cyberholics cybermedia cybersex Cybersitter cyberslackers cyberslacking cyberslur cyborgs cygnet Cygnus Cyndi Cynthia cypress cypresses Cyprus Cyril Cyrillic cyst cystic Czech Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakian Czechozlovakia Czechs dad Daedalus Daewoo daffodil Dafoe dafter Dagenham daggers Daglish dahlia Daihatsu Daimler Dakar Dakota dalek Dales Dallas Daltrey Dalyell Damascene Damascus Damian Damilola Damon Dan Dana dandelion Dando danged Daniel Daniela Daniele Daniella Danielle Danish Dankworth Danny Danone Dante Danube Danzig Daphne Darcey Darcy Dario Darleen darlin Darlington Darmstadt Darracq Darragh Darrel Darrell Darren Darryl Darryn Dartford Dartmoor Dartmouth Darussalam Darwin datagrams dataless datamining datedness Datsun daughterboards Dave Davenport Daventry David Davidson Davies Davis Davros dawns Dawson daycare Dayton Daz dBase de Longhi deaggregate deaggregates deaggregation deaggregator Deanna Deanne Deansgate deasserted deasserting deassertion Debbie Debian Deborah Debra Debussy decapsulated decapsulators Decca December deciders deciduous decimally declaim declassified decollating decommission decomposable decompresser decompressible deconstructed deconstructors decor decors decreasingly decriminalisation decry decrying decryptions Dee deencapsulate deencapsulation Deeside defector defenestrate defibrillator defiltering definiteness definitional deflectors Defoe defragged defrauds defray Degas degauss degeneration deglitch deglitching deify Deighton Deirdre Del Delage Delahaye Delaney Delaware delegatable delegatee delegatees delegators Delhi Delia Delilah delimeted delimitors deliniate delinks delirium Della deLonghi Delores demagoguery demangler demangles demasqueraded demeanor Demis demo demodulated demodulates demonstratively demotion Dempster demultiplexor denary Denbighshire Denby denim Denis Denise Denison Denmark
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Mystery cigar review #2

I am obligated to say from the outset that I have never written a review in my life. I don't use this as an excuse for the poor quality of my descriptions, tastes and opinions, but, it does explain the format I decided to use. Cigar Broskies' system (with some minor variations considering it is a mystery cigar) is what I am basing my review on because I believe it to be the best with it's breakdown and scoring and I have no sense of imagination, creativity and originality. That being said, let's get to it. Note: If you are not familiar with Cigar Broskies review format (Why the hell aren't you reading those reviews?) it is broken down into 5 categories worth 20 points each. Since I don't know how much this cigar costs, I am going to reassign the twenty “value” points. I believe that there is nothing more important than flavor, so I am going to make it's impact worth 30 points. The other ten points I am going to divide between Construction and Strength making each of their values worth 25.
Country: ?
Wrapper origin: ?
Wrapper type: ?
Filler / Binder: ?
Length: 6.5”
Ring: 50-52?
Cost: ?
Appearance: The most obvious thing about this cigar is it's “shaggy” foot. Thanks to the foot, no toasting was necessary when lighting. Besides the foot, the wrapper had a very “toothy” look. Correct me please, but, I think this means it is veiny and bumpy and rough looking. It is also a dark wrapper that I would guess is maduro. Overall it is an attractive cigar. (Points awarded: 16.5 out of 20)
Construction:The cigar was firm in my hand. This torpedo shaped cigar cut firmly and cleanly with my brand new Cuban Crafters “Perfect” cutter (thanks Chuck). The pre-light draw was....firm, but, not tight. It tasted like a cigar. This thing lit up like a forest fire with it's shaggy foot. (Points awarded 21 out of 25)
Strength: At first light this is not a real heavy cigar. I think that is because of the unwrapped “shaggy” foot. Things start out not light but not heavy either. Things change rather quickly when the wrapper gets fully involved. The only way I can describe it is “Full-Medium” flavor.. I personally gravitate to stronger cigars so this score may be a little high for people who prefer a milder cigar. (Points awarded 22 out of 25)
Flavor: This category, in my opinion, is the hardest because who can account for taste? And what the hell flavors did I just taste? That is exactly why it accounts for more points than any other category. I think I tasted wood and cocoa and wood. I know whether I liked a cigar or hated it. Or if it fell somewhere in between. I enjoyed every one of these that I smoked. (Points awarded 26 out of 30)
Addittional Notes: I smoked 3 cigars in the writing of this review, the last one of which is still smoking as I write this. I am a every day beer drinker. I drank Coors Light for the second two cigars but for the first one I had a very local, very tasty beer called Biloxi Blond. The only place to get it is at the Beau Rivage Hotel/Casino in Biloxi Ms. (Do you think I could get some endorsement dollars for that product placement?)
Overall: I am 46 yrs old and have been smoking cigars for less than two years. What the hell do I know? I know that this cigar lit up quickly and burned evenly all the way to the nub. I think they all took about one hour and 15-30 mins (who remembers when you lit it and when it went out?) and I know that the ash held on for about one inch increments. I know that I had fun smoking and trying to write a review on these cigars. And, finally, I am glad that Nivuahc, a true BOTL, included me in the 2nd Mystery Cigar review..I stand behind my final rating of 85.5. (Did I do the maths right? You know how we are with math.) Now, I think I have time to go smoke one of the Cuenca Y Blancos I have in my humidor.
BTW I have one more left. Would anyone like to try it and tell us what you think? I know Nivuahc would approve.
Smoke on Brothers and Sisters.
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Casino sports gambling ready to go in Miss. if U.S. Supreme Court gives OK

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The Mississippi Gaming Commission is ready to regulate casino sports betting - and a new state law allows casinos here to play - should the U.S. Supreme Court clear the way next spring.
Rep. Scott Delano, R-Biloxi, believes the sports fantasy law will give Mississippi's casino properties a head-start on those in other states, should the Supreme Court make sports betting an issue for states to decide rather than the federal government.
House Bill 967 never uses the words "Sports betting." Nevertheless, legal experts say there is little doubt House Bill 967, the so-called sports fantasy bill, would legalize casino sports betting and place it under the Mississippi Gaming Commission if sports betting becomes a states rights issue.
Said Jay McDaniel, deputy director of the Mississippi Gaming Commission: "So now if the ban was not an issue, then a licensee could request permission from the MGC executive director to establish sports betting at a casino on events that take place somewhere else. Since the Gaming Control Act only authorizes sports betting at a casino, it would still be illegal at any non-casino establishments."
Cathy Beeding, in-house counsel for Island View Casino in Biloxi, said it is unclear how long it would take for casinos to be up and running for sports betting should the Supreme Court strike down the federal law.
Chance of casino sports gambling raises many questions.
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Played Fri night at IP Casino in Biloxi. Fun place.

My cousin is based out of the Gulfport, MS Naval base so myself and his two older brothers went to hang with him before he gets deployed in July. We stayed at IP Casino. First off it was a nice hotel/casino for the money. $169 for the night before tax/resort fees etc. was the best deal in town for a nice hotel on a Friday night. They had low limit Craps, blackjack, let it ride, and Mississippi Stud tables running all time. There was a $5 Craps table that runs 24/7 but as expected was very crowded. I started the day playing some $5 Let it Ride. I bought in for $100 and hit trip 9's in my hand so that put me up to start the day (30-1 odds on the $5 3 card bet and 3-1 on all of the 5 card bets so about $200) Ended up leaving up $160. Played blackjack that night on a $10 table. Bought in for $250 walked off with $245 after 30 min or so. Walked over to one of the half dozen or so $10 Craps tables with my $245. Had a couple great rollers on my side. After an hour or so my cousins left the table down but I was up about $100 or so and stayed on. I hit a 15 min heater and ended up killing it on the 5, 6, and 8 bets while hitting a few points. I hit a few hardways. I'm up to $900 or so in chips. Table went cold over the next few rollers (including me) and I walked off with $675. So for the day/night I was up $575. It was a great time, the dealers and pit bosses were very helpful, and the staff was great. I would definitely recommend the IP Casino if you're in the Biloxi area.
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[Table] Lightning bounced off my leg, got shocked in 3 different kitchens, was in a bank robbery, lost my house/car/job all in the same week, had rare cancer with only 10% survival rate & beat it,now I have another rare cancer, I don't/smoke/drugs/drink & I'm a single parent. AMA

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Date: 2014-12-24
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How does lightning bounce off a leg? I was sitting on the porch of a summer bungalow with my left leg over my right. The main door was open, so there was only the screen door. My father was in the bathroom with the window open sitting on the toilet. My brother was in the bathroom screaming that he didn't want to put his pants on!!! So the pants were on the floor of the bathroom. NOW- lightning split into two-one part bounced off my leg through the door while the other part went through the bathroom window and crashed in the middle of the floor on my brothers' pants!!! That's why I think I still have a leg!!! It wasn't a full force lightning-it has split into two!!! Hence-it bounced off my leg!!!
Will your life insurance claim be enough to pay for your children's schooling? On the real though, very sad array of events, it's too bad things have gone so poorly for you. Best of luck. Don't have life insurance-don't have money:) Anyway, do you really think any life insurance company would want me? My life is not so sad, I can't imagine life being any other way, bored with nothing on my plate!!! My life is like a circus, all three rings going at the same time:) When something is added on to my life, we look at each other and just laugh!!! Well, not this cancer-I actually did cry for about 10 minutes, then just accepted it and added it to my circus!!! Good Luck to you too:)
Holy fuck, I need to know where you are, geographically, so we can NEVER be near each other. Because I'm pretty sure the combined cluster of our energies would level the country. I survived a pretty good shock at a swim pool, being in a horse accident, asphyxiating in Mexico, a mass shooting, my apartment being robbed, a horrible car wreck, hypothermia in Europe, two Addisonian episodes, a home invasion, losing my house and my job and my car (all as a result of the aforementioned wreck with a drunk driver) within no time of each other, my next house burning down... a couple days before Christmas last year (haven't recovered from that), melanoma, hypothermia, chronic pneumonia, being kidnapped, a boat wreck, and a home invasion... I'm thinking there's more I'm missing, but that's enough to demonstrate we should NEVER BE ANYWHERE NEAR EACH OTHER OP. NEVER. Oh, I'm a single parent who doesn't smoke or do drugs or drink either. But to be honest, it's really worn me down. I have no idea how to move forward. What's going on with you? What's happening in your life, are you in a stable housing environment? I've got an offer for a good housing situation, but have to drum up money for it... and still have no furniture and stuff since my place burned down last Christmas. I've been living with family and sleeping on the floor. Do you have transportation now? Edit- a word. Wow!!! You said it-we need to stay at different ends of the world or everyone on this earth could be in jeopardy!!! Nope-still no car, crappy apartment, no furniture-a friend gave us beds!!! Yup with 2 car accidents-and a lot of other stuff I didn't mention that I actually forgot about!!! You and I have a lot of notes to compare!!! If we made a movie together it would be colossal!!! We'd make millions!!! But I think to save the world we must NEVER meet!!! I think drinking/drugs/smokes would make things 10 times worse!!! To move forward-you need to look at everything as if it were not you-like someone else looking at your crazy life and how they would see it!!! You gotta laugh at this crazy stuff we've been through!!! If not-I would be in the corner crouching on my knees rocking back and forth, banging my head in the wall!!! Sounds right to you? Yeh-and no money since my first cancer in 2013. Thank G-d for food stamps!!! But really-I look at my life and I can't help but laugh!!! Good Luck to you and Happy Holidays!!! :)
:) I love it! You stay strong. You too!!! Things can't get any worse, can they? :) Please stay on your side of the world so we can balance the world together :)
To protect the world from devastation... Yes...We must...stay...away...
What's the new cancer you were diagnosed with? I didn't speak to my Oncologist yet, but the lab said Peritoneal Cancer. Problem is-In my other cancer-I had a total hysterectomy and my omentum was removed- so I don't know exactly what it's gathering on. I really don't know too much other than I was told it's rare. I just found out about it on Friday!!! Sorry no details yet.
How do you feel about people telling you about their problems? Especially when their problems would be considered minor inconveniences to you. I have people telling me all their problems all the time!!! If they are a constant cryer-I usually tell them that I can't deal with it right now. But usually- I do try to help anyone who asks. No ones problems are to small!!! And because I've had so many crazy things happen to me-I usually could help them!!! Talking to people is not an inconvenience:)
Which of your experiences had the most impact on how you view life? And Why? Definitely this new cancer I just found out about-I didn't tell my parents yet!!! I was supposed to be going back to work next week-and now I have this new cancer to deal with-loosing my hair again,chemo,being sick all over again, my 8th operation this year. Not looking forward to it-but I'll beat it!!!
somehow we are all avoiding the lightening question?! Wtf did it feel like awesome electron witch? Good luck :) LOL!!! At first I was shaking non-stop. I thought it might have been an hour or so. I was actually sitting on a chair at the time. Then, my leg started burning and an ambulance took me to the hospital. I don't remember much. I was 18 at the time. My leg was red hot for 6 months. Now it's numb, but it hurts to even slightly touch it!!!
Interesting... Well ill give you some age old wisdom, it could be worse. You could have got hit by lightning then paralyzed, your child could be dead and you could have not lived through your treatments. Always look at the bright side and you have it :) Thank you so much for your insight. :)
Serious question, have you given thought about writing a book/screenplay about your experiences? It may have a positive impact and something I'm sure most people would be interested in. Actually, my mom keeps telling me to write a book about my life!!! If I did, it might end up being 1000 pages long:) When I was writing the AMA, I was thinking about how crazy a movie about my life would look to other people!!!
I had a not so great childhood that I wouldn't want published. But, since the age of about 15 and life has been nuts:)
What's it like living in hell? Not hell-just different!!! Things have to happen to someone somewhere, I guess I'm the someone somewhere!!! I do feel like I have a target on my back some times, but you know what-it's come to the point where I just say 'what else is new?'
Will you please buy me some lottery tickets ? I actually have won. But not big-usually like $73 or two days ago $15. I don't gamble much!!! I have gone to a casino and looked a machine and said 'this is the one', and I won $20.
I tripled my money in Vegas once. I started with 5 bucks at the machine and walked out with a whopping $15...then I tried it again with the same money the next day and lost everything. Did you go to Vegas to gamble or have fun? I went to Vegas about 15 years ago and had a blast going to all the hotels and shows!!! :)
Stopped in Vegas on our way to LA. It was more for fun than anything. Yeh, I wouldn't mind going back!!! I did love Vegas!!! Vegas! Vegas! Vegas!
Ever been to Biloxi Mississippi? Nope? Is it a special place? Or do you just want me to stay away?
Its a casino city in Mississippi. Sorry- I'm not big on casinos :) If I have a craving to waste money-I go to the grocery store and buy lottery tickets and Haagen Daz ice cream:)
I don't get to travel much!!!
Do you want a hug? Actually a hug would be nice!!! When people hear that someone has cancer-even my relatives-they stay away!!! I could really use a hug once in a while!!! Thanks:)
Are you fucking serious... are all your relatives 90 years old and never owned a piece of technology? Because old people are the only people I let slide for being irreversible cunt bags. My family didn't even call me to see how I was. My brothers and parents didn't call to ask how I was while going through chemo the whole year!!! Thanks, I feel better now:)
Fuck i hate being this blunt on christmas, but fuck em. There not family. You'll make a good family someday. Family doesn't just mean blood or through marriage either. You're right!!! A lady who I've met only once-gave and still is giving me cooked food and cake almost every weekend!!! I only met her once-she's real family:)
Thankfully, there's a lot of people like that woman out there... just got to find them. :) Thanks, you're a nice person too!!! I hope Santa treated you well :)
Too well, I actually feel like shit because I don't deserve any of it. Oh, come on!!! Yeh right!!! If you got it I'm sure you deserved it-you must really be a special person:) Enjoy it while you got it!!! Just smile and say thank you and enjoy everything, because you DO deserve it all!!!
Can you get this on a t-shirt and wear it so I know not to stand next to you? I'm not contagious, just stay out of NY and you'll be fine:) I have more stuff that happened to me, but I didn't want to write another paragraph:)
How are you still alive, I mean do you have magical charms that you put in your pockets to keep yourself alive? G-d only knows!!! I'm positive and laugh about things that come my way-because I can only laugh!!! Like, what else am I gonna get? It does keep coming though!!!
Chag Sameach! Do I know you? Chag Samaech to you too, although we have only a few minutes left-I'll take it:)
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Visiting The Casinos of Biloxi and the Mississippi Gulf ... Beau Rivage, Biloxi - YouTube Casinos in Biloxi Mississippi. - YouTube Top10 Recommended Hotels in Biloxi, Mississippi, USA - YouTube Biloxi Do NOT play at this casino!!! mississippi gambling ... The Great Inca Best win Hard Rock Biloxi Max Bet - YouTube Visiting the casinos of Biloxi and The Mississippi Gulf ... Harrahs Gulf Coast Casino Suite Room Tour Biloxi - YouTube

U.S. News has identified top casino hotels in Biloxi by taking into account amenities, reputation among professional travel experts, guest reviews and hotel class ratings. Best Casinos in Biloxi, MS - Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Scarlet Pearl Casino & Resort, Palace Casino Resort, Harrah's Gulf Coast, Golden Nugget Biloxi Hotel & Casino, IP Casino Resort Spa, Island View Casino Resort, Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel, Boomtown Casino Biloxi Best Buffets in Biloxi, MS - Spent the weekend in Biloxi and stopped in at The Palace for dinner. They are currently serving cafeteria style due to covid. Buffetts are typically not my first choice, but we had to give it to them as we enjoyed our experience. They are not short on station options for sure. I thought the grill station was outstanding serving brisket, prime rib, ribs and several ... BILOXI CASINO HOPPER; BILOXI TIPS. Bus packages from Florida to Biloxi casinos; Best high-limit slots in Biloxi; Things to do in Biloxi for teenagers; Hotel on the beach; Best place to take family golfing in Biloxi; Biloxi Christmas Events; Visit the Biloxi Travel Guide. Visit the Biloxi Travel Guide . Biloxi Travel Guide. Slide Title. Explore Biloxi's Casinos. Button. Biloxi Beach. Get the ... Aug 6, 2018 - Explore Anthony Tony DeLucia's board "Biloxi casino" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Biloxi, Biloxi casino, Casino. See a detailed list of all casinos in Biloxi. Listing information includes: games offered, hotel rates, buffet prices, gambling age, photos, maps, directions and more for all Biloxi casinos. You can also read and write reviews for all casinos in Biloxi. Your best source for details on all Biloxi casinos! Related: Best Kid Friendly Hotels in Biloxi, MS 2. IP Casino Resort Spa. 850 Bayview Avenue Biloxi, MS 39530 (228) 436-3000. Like Beau Rivage resort casino, IP is also a one-stop destination in Biloxi packed with restaurants, amenities and entertainment. #4 Best Value of 6 Biloxi Casino Resorts “ Delicious Buffet when traveling through Biloxi Mississippi, you must go through the casino , but once you get to the buffet the eating is good all of the food is great the snow crabs the desserts the vegetables the... "The second day of my travel we a group of 4 took the casino tour trolley a bit of a bumpy ride but fun.We were meeting family staying here it is grand gorgeous place and fun a stunning grand entrance a real must s..." "Just returned from our 4th visit to Biloxi casinos and Beau Rivage is definitely our favorite and the suites made our honeymoon in 2017 spectacular!" Best Casino Hotels in Biloxi on Tripadvisor: Find 30,650 traveler reviews, 7,638 candid photos, and prices for 7 casino hotels in Biloxi, MS.

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Visiting The Casinos of Biloxi and the Mississippi Gulf ...

Take a look at a Suite located inside Hurrahs Gulf Coast Casino in Biloxi, MS Hard Rock Biloxi ️♣️♦️♠️New website under construction: ️♠️♣️♦️FOLLOW MY SLOT SHINNANIGANS ON INSTAGRAM! ... Biloxi is a beach town like Gulfport just 8 miles away, Lot of casinos and gift shops and restaurants and a lot of tourist. It was ok but not i am not much o... We decided to meet up with my parents in Biloxi Mississippi because we were unable to spend the holidays together. Mom & Dad had to leave, but my husband and... Subscribe to the channel Top10 Recommended Hotels in Biloxi, Mi... Steve Bourie, author of the American Casino Guide, takes a video tour of the casinos of the Gulf Coast in Biloxi and Gulfport, Mississippi. He lets viewers s... After the Natchez Steamboat Harbor Jazz Sightseeing Cruise in New Orleans, we head back to Biloxi and did some casino hopping. Biloxi is known as the Little ...